IUPUI police: Three reports of gunman, buildings searched

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana University-Purdue University police provided a Tuesday afternoon update after receiving reports of a man with a gun on campus.

Capt. Bill Abston said officers responded “within minutes” at parking lot 59, where the gunman was first spotted. A search of the parking lot turned up nothing, so police expanded their search of the area to include buildings on campus and called in more help.

The initial report came from a student who said she saw a man with a gun at Barnhill and Vermont around 12:30 p.m. while she was going toward her car. She lost sight of the man, whom she described as tall.

Abston said investigators later received a report of a person matching the description at the nursing school. He said it was unclear if that person had a gun. A third report said a gunman had been spotted near Indiana and Blackford Street. Again, police were unable to locate anything.

Abston said police believed the reports were credible enough to investigate.

“We believe them, we respond to them, we investigate,” he told reporters during the briefing.

In response to reports that some students were still walking around campus despite the alert, Abston said, “We’ve sent another alert. Basically, seek shelter. Call us if you see anything.”

Abston acknowledged that police have searched several buildings and were still searching during the afternoon.

The school said afternoon classes were on hold.


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