Firefighter injured after ice strikes fire engine’s windshield

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INDIANAPOLIS– A firefighter with the Wayne Township Fire Department was transported to the hospital Tuesday morning after ice flew off a pickup truck, striking a fire truck’s windshield.

fire truck windshield 2The fire truck was traveling westbound on 21st Street, just east of Girl School Road, around 10 a.m., when ice flew off an oncoming pickup truck, striking the fire engine and knocking out the windshield on the driver’s side. Officials said the driver of the fire engine was able to safely bring the truck to a stop.

The injured firefighter was transported to IU West Hospital for medical evaluation. There were three other firefighters in the truck at the time of the accident, but they were uninjured. fire truck windshield 3

The driver of the light blue pickup truck did not stop and continued driving eastbound on 21st Street. Fire department officials said they will review the camera aboard the fire engine in an attempt to get a better description of the vehicle involved.


  • Rick

    Why would there be any need to look for the vehicle that the ice came off of ? I have seen this happen many times, and in fact had a huge chunk go through the grill of my truck when it came off the top of a semi on 465 a few years back. Hope the firefighter is fine but this is just one of those "acts of god" unless they see from the camera that someone threw this from the other vehicle.

    • Aaron D.

      The operator of a vehicle on public roadways has a duty and responsibility to ensure the safe and proper operation of that vehicle. That includes, but is not limited to, ensuring that nothing is likely to fall from the vehicle while in motion. That is why you should remove ice and snow buildup from your vehicle before moving it. Many times injury or damage as a result of these types of incidents cannot be proven. In cases where cameras are installed in the vehicle evidence is available. The operator AND owner (if different) of the blue pickup are responsible for the injury and damage. By the way, be aware folks that many people have cameras in their cars now. They are inexpensive and small. I have a forward facing and a reward facing that are recording if the key is on. BELIEVE me I am not the only one.

  • Abathar

    I bet the pickup driver never even knew it happened if it flew off the top of his truck. He might get a ticket for a safety hazard but I can't see justifying a "leaving the scene of an accident" charge as well.

  • G E

    I am a bit confused by this story. I understand that ice came off of an oncoming pickup truck and struck one of the firefighters in the fire truck. I sincerely hope the firefighter isn't hurt too bad and has a swift and complete recovery of whatever injuries that they received. . My question is WHY are they looking for the pickup truck? Certainly they aren't thinking that the driver made the ice come off of his truck and into the firetruck. This was obviously an accident and should be treated and reported as such.

    • CM

      People are lazy as hell. Get out and brush the snow off of your vehicle. I saw a vehicle yesterday morning with snow coming up over the windshield and the headlights covered. Not sure how the driver could see. I brush the snow off my truck. Took me a whole 3 minutes or so. Just laziness is all it is and not thinking of others. The driver is responsible for what flys off the vehicle. Do you think if you don't scrape your windows of ice or let them defrost that if you hit another car it would be an act of god? Geez people wake up and take some responsibility and think.

      • Rick

        "Do you think if you don't scrape your windows of ice or let them defrost that if you hit another car it would be an act of god? Geez people wake up and take some responsibility and think." CM this wasn't anything about scraping windows or hitting another car. I addressed that in another comment. This WAS an out of the ordinary happening for a chunk of ice large enough to do the damage shown to come off of a smaller vehicle and fly up to hit the top of the firetrucks windshield.

  • FutureIsOnUs

    I'm curious as to how a pickup truck going opposite direction had ice fly again in an opposite direction and hit a vehicle higher then the pickup? I know I have been guilty of driving with snow/ice on my vehicle and I have never had it blow forward and upwards which is what (according to the story) had to have happened, or am I miss rereading something here?

    • CM

      You obviously don’t care or know since your guilty of this also. The vehicle with the ice on it I believe was a truck. Now picture in your head the ice flying off the truck into the oncoming lane. Now the engine is coming the opposite way and drives into it. Think before you post. The ice didn’t fly forward the engine drove into it as it was going the opposite direction.

      • Korn Sr

        Thank you ..For your explanation… Some people just as you stated don't CARE or understand the circumstances..'I've have this happen to myself as well Thank god the snow / ice never made it as high as my Engine windshield ..but did cause the vehicles in front of me to swerve out of there lane prevent a accident

  • southsideguy

    I think that everyone at one time is guilty of this , i know i am , and like stated i see a majority of people after a snow do the same thing the guy/girl in the truck did , it likely flew off without them even knowing , and it is a horrible thing someone got hurt. Lets just leave it at an accident and not spend taxpayer money on what is sure to be a crack team of people doing a total overview of the video, a dramytic re-creation on the events and a manhunt for someone that was prolly in a hurry to get to work and didnt clear the snow off the top of thier truck. hope the firefighter is ok.

  • Rick

    I understand everyones comments about operating safely and such, but take this a bit further. As I stated earlier, I had ice come off of a semi in front of me which hit my truck. Should the semi drivers be forced to check the TOP of their trailer when driving through a snow storm, and how would that be possible? Is that now a legal requirement Aaron? I do feel bad that this firefighter was injured but I would guess that he would tell you that this was a freak accident and let's move on. To spend time and money to try to find this truck does not seem like the best idea. If the ice was on the top of the truck or in the bed then things happen. I would prefer we go after the idiots that are out there with a small hole cleaned on the windshield right in front of the driver and all other windows still covered.

  • Hawk

    Shouldn't expensive emergency vehicles have stronger windshields? I would think they would be beefed up like the rest of the vehicle. Just wondering….

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