IPL urges customers to ditch outdated fridges and freezers

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INDIANAPOLIS – Dumping your old fridge will earn you $30.

Indianapolis Power & Light encourages customers to recycle old and outdated refrigerators by participating in the Ditch Your Fridge program. As part of the effort, IPL will haul away older model, inefficient refrigerators or freezers and give customers a $30 check in return.

Customers who enroll in the program between April 1 and June 30 will have the chance to win a gift card for $250. IPL will select two winners in July.

IPL said residents can save up to $150 a year in electricity costs by getting rid of an old refrigerator or freezer. Often, the outdated units are put in garages or basements for extra cold storage. Recycling a unit helps repurpose more than 188 pounds of material like foam, glass and metal.

Refrigerators and standalone freezers must be in working condition and between 10 and 30 cubic feet in size. A check for $30 will arrive within six weeks. IPL will accept a maximum of two units per household a year.

To participate in the program, call IPL at (877) 395-5535 or go to the utility’s website.


  • Guest

    This just in. The government will provide Obama-fridges to any and all low income welfare democratic piece of scum who needs a new one. Fill our paperwork out at your most convenient Obamaphone store.

    • the truth hurts

      Good one! We are so clever. Obama-fridges! Classic! People try to downplay the comedy of bigots, but this is proof that us racists know how to have fun. We should start our own comedy club where only people who agree with us are allowed in. That way we can be racist in public! Not just while hiding behind the keyboard! Yessssss!!!!

  • 'Thor'

    "IPL said residents can save up to $150 a year in electricity costs by getting rid of an old refrigerator or freezer."

    "save up to" are the key words and it never works out that way. Why buy new when the old works fine? The costs of new high efficiency almost never works out even in the end.

    Question; Forty years ago a good refrigerator would last about 15 years, forty years later a good refrigerator still lasts only about 15 years. Does anyone see a problem with that?

  • Mike

    Do the math people.UP TO are the key words here.AND if you trade in an old fridge without an icemaker for an icemaker-equipped fridge, and you run the icemaker, you might not see any savings.A fridge with an ice maker running can cost you double to run!!!

  • John Howard

    I can save up to $1500 by not buying a new refrigerator or freezer since the one I have works fine.

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