Man reunites with truck driver who saved his life

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It was a night like any other along Interstate 65, as truck driver Adam Phillips followed the same route he takes every day. Instead, though, Phillips found himself face-to-face with a terrible car accident and a driver who needed help.

“Right about the time I got around the front of my truck, I could hear him screaming,” Phillips said.

Anthony Ingle’s car had hit a slick spot, spun off the road and slammed into a bridge. Ingle was trapped inside, pinned to the dashboard, as his car caught fire.

“I just kept thinking, ‘I’ve gotta get this kid out of here before it kills him,'” Phillips said.

It took Phillips and several other truck drivers, armed with fire extinguishers and a pry bar, to get Ingle out before the car went completely up in flames.

“I jumped up, grabbed him by the arm and yanked him out of the car,” Phillips said.

Phillips also gave Ingle his jacket, covering him with it as emergency crews arrived. He got back in his truck and drove away, leaving the jacket behind.

A week later, Fox59 spoke to Ingle in his hospital bed. He was hoping to find the owner of the jacket to thank him for his life-saving efforts.

The two got a chance to meet Monday, with Ingle handing over the jacket and thanking Phillips in person.

“I wouldn’t be here right now (without him),” Ingle said.

Phillips hopes other drivers will think about putting an emergency kit and fire extinguisher in their own car, so that if you happen upon an accident you have the tools to help, too. He doesn’t consider himself a hero, just someone who stepped up when it was needed.

“He alive, that’s all I care about,” Phillips said.

Ingle is out of the hospital and in rehabilitation. He’s hoping to get back to work soon.


  • Kelly Black

    So wonderful to know there are people out there that will risk their own life to save another. God bless you Adam.

  • angelbaby

    thank god he was there to help as well as the others that stopped to help , they are all heroes in my book they all saved this man , so happy for the wonderful ending , and i am happy that he got to meet the man that saved him , god bless all of you !!!

  • Hervy

    Adam Phillips and other truck drivers who helped are exemplary of what the nature of people is made of. We get so caught up in the matrix with all the negativity and drama that we see in the world sometimes it's hard to let that light we all have shine.

    Thanks for reminding us Adam and my other fellow truckers how to be a loving and caring spiritual being. Chalk one up for the goodness of man. May we all take our turn to contribute positively in this game of life in some way.

  • Sue

    It's wonderful to hear a story about someone trying to save a life instead of trying to end one. Cheers to this hero! (and others who helped)

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