Metro Officer shot, suspect killed following traffic stop

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INDIANAPOLIS — An IMPD officer is in stable condition after being shot during a gun battle.

According to a Metro Police spokesperson, an officer was conducting a traffic stop at East 36th Street and Sherman Drive around 8:20 p.m. Tuesday. An IMPD police report identified the officer as Bryan Zotz.

According to the report, the officer tried to remove the driver from the vehicle due to a suspended license. The driver then pulled out a gun resulting in a struggle over the firearm.

Shots were then fired, fatally wounding the driver and injuring Zotz in the lower arm and wrist.

Four other people were in the car. Two of the four were wounded with non-life threatening injuries to the leg. They were transported to Wishard Hospital.

The one remaining occupant of the vehicle was not injured and is being detained by police for questioning.

The identity of the suspect fatally wounded by officers is not being released until family members can be notified.

More information about the shooting will be released Wednesday by Metro Police.

This is an active investigation and detectives urge anyone with information reference this incident to call the IMPD at 317.327.3475 or CRIME STOPPERS at 317.262.TIPS (8477).

Callers can also text “INDYCS” plus tip information to 274627(CRIMES).


  • Katydidn't

    So much for attempts to reduce the number of shootings. I don't know the answer but it seems as if the current plan needs a revision.

    • Guest

      Can't wait to hear if this was one of Obamas imaginary sons. You know the ones that ain't Neva did nuthin' to nobody. He went to worship every Sunday with his mee maw. He such a' good boy with big bright future. The po -lice be just picking on him………..

  • MeMe

    Sweet, another senseless killing near 38th street! You'd think people around there would get sick of living in a $@&?hole….

    • Gat273

      At the risk of getting the post shut down….

      That's not how you do it!!

      You do it like this:

      38th st aaaaaaaaagain!!

      Close enough.

    • Robin Range

      I live in that area and the only way you would know is if you walked outside, We are a peaceful civic minded family, I have a teen who is focused and I volunteer for the betterment of my community. So for you to assume that we live in a shit hole is like me saying that where you live harbors serial killers and degenerates that commit crimes against children…….ijs

      • Guest

        My wife and I live in the vicinity too, our nieghbors are good civic minded people with values. The children of the nieghborhood are in school, from elementary through college. What people fail to grasp is the minority of individuals get the majority of attention. I didnt see any news cameras in the nieghborhood over the warm weekend when the folks of my street were out cleaning up thier yards with pride,or preparing thier gardens for spring and just getting out to say hi to one another again after being couped up for that long winter. that wouldnt sell advertising space.

        Keep up the good fight and stay focused, every year gets a little better.

    • indysucks

      i used to live at 38th and shadeland. and I got sick of it and moved not only away but a few counties away. 38th street sucks. indysucks period.

      • Gat273

        …moved not only away but a few counties away. 38th street sucks. indysucks period. But I still come to Marion county to do my dirt and get my drugs.

    • Cindy

      Its sad but it seems like certain neighborhoods are targeted, I hope the cops recovers and justice is served to the criminals

  • MeMehater

    @MEME what the hell are we supposed to do? Really not all of us are rich and can live on a secluded Island…really get a damn life killings happen EVERYWHERE!!!!

    • 'Thor'

      But more likely in some places rather than in others. I feel for those that are stuck in these areas.

    • maria weatherall

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  • 'Thor'

    The "CoD" strikes again. Don't be surprised when they tell us the age that they are young. So sad.

  • Mizz J

    And the Government thinks they can get all the guns from the bad guys? Wise up, we ALL need to carry weapons for protection. I bet ifmore good guys would carry guns, then maybe the bd guy will back off a little.

    • 'Thor'

      The government is trying to give the bad guys more of an advantage over law abiding citizens and these attacks hurt women the most. They want you to "blow a whistle" to protect yourself. The answer is to "enforce" the laws we now have which we are not doing.

      • James

        The Govt. doesn't want people to feel empowered in any way, especially in the most basic needs like food, housing, even SELF PRESERVATION. They want people to feel helpless and dependent. Guns obviously empower us in self-preservation, therefore guns must be restricted. The truth is, Police do not function as crime prevention, they only respond to a crime that has already occurred.

  • Gat273

    Current Indianapolis Weather:

    9:47 PM
    Relative Humidity:39%

    I can guarantee there will be so much $#%$%$ going on this summer when the weather report reads :

    Relative Humidity 87%

    Has someone called the ministers? I hope so! I hope they've already scrambled their best urban violence intervention squad(that's focused on the thugs and not hanging the po-lease out to dry if this was a police action shooting).

    Back to you Ken.

  • Becca

    Hows that crime reduction thing going Mr Mayor?..You lied to us when you said that public safety was your first priority.You lied. Its going to be a long hot summer in the killing fields of Indianapolis.Now lets pray that the crazies don't start posting here and they shut this down .

    • Don

      Please tell us how to prevent crime. And why the mayor, police and city officials get the blame. Are they supposed to stand outside the front doors of every criminal? They're not the ones who failed raising your children. YOU are. Funny how the police are your friends when you actually need them.

      • Rhona

        How about prosecute them..Curry and his merry band of liberal deputies will not prosecute these animals. Curry needs the black vote to get re-elected.You wont see him or Ballard going after these animals

  • Mickey

    Sure looks like the Coalitions "Stop the violence" started off well. When will our justice system wake up to reality and stop catering to this culture!!! It's an easy fix! Stop wasting time on pot smokers and writing tickets and focus on where we all know all the "bad apples" come from. Enough with the excuses!!!

    • Gat273

      "Stop wasting time on pot smokers "

      Agreed, save the space for real criminals.

      "writing tickets"

      I disagree, ya'll want more jail time which requires more beds, bars (please remember the 8th amendment before coming up with clever comments RE:prisons and treatment of prisoners) and guards yet you don't want to pay for them.

      If you're not willing to pay for this stuff via taxes then let's get the money from fools who can't seem to drive under 25 in a school zone, not pass a stopped school bus on the right, observe posted speed limits or stop for red lights and signs.

      Let these idiots fund the new prisons you propose.

  • James

    So much for curbing violence –this should surprise you? I have called IMPD numerous time for an active Mexican crack house across the street on North Colorado Avenue with continuous traffic of strios blaring and horns honking all hours of the night-I have not seen one police officer. Maybe one will show up when a shooting occurs! oh wait gunfire has occured

    • Gat273

      "active Mexican crack house "

      Is there a sign out front that announces this is a crack house? Have they set up table and sell right out on the front lawn.

      Don't forget where you are.

      Evidence must be gathered, then arrests trials and then prison and/or deportation.

      I could call the po-lease and tell them you're running a dope crib. Would you want them to come out and kick your door in based on my call?

      Chill out, it'll happen. Probably not as fast you would like but it'll happen.

  • Boost

    My goodness, if only Indianapolis would ban ALL guns maybe this wouldn't have happened…. because obviously criminals will abide by the law and the criminal never would've shot at the officer if it wasn't illegal….. oh wait…..

    • Super Dad

      Nice dream , If the citizens of Indy were not allowed to have guns the idiots from surrounding states would be having a field day murdering, robbing, & planning home invasions like they were punching a clock.

    • MsC

      Chris I'm with u on this one, sounds mighty strange to me
      Sounds like they may have been struggling over something
      But it sure wasn't over no suspended license how about that

    • guest

      Sounds like the gun was pulled from inside the vehicle. Don't blame the officer for doing his job. It's unfortunate that the situation ended the way it did, for all involved.

  • Kris_Chris

    WOW. Lets bring out the preachers and the bishops who will claim these thug youth were just misunderstood.

  • john q public

    Why would you pull someone from their car for a suspended license ? I think ,maybe it was kind of an aggressive move and escalated the situation

    • jjj

      Because if they detain you and want you to get out of the car, you have to get out of the car, or they will remove you from the car. That is how it works, cops have the right.

    • Guest

      Umm…because if you have no license, they're going to tow your car. No license = No driving. Does that really need explained??

      • the truth hurts

        Most likely no auto insurance either, but its all good as I'm sure they was all good boys and were just coming back from an anti gun violence meeting, and were on their way to church.

  • sam kinison

    Do you really think that maybe just a ticket might have been more appropriate for driving while suspended? Aggressive police work always results in trouble / someone lost their life an officer is now shirt and the poor passengers are collateral damage…… probably racially profile traffic stop

      • 'Thor'

        You are a poor excuse for a human being, or anybody else for that matter, to be so evil and filled with hatred and bitterness. How could your heart be so cold to want anybody dead? There is something very wrong with you.

    • jjj

      No because he's the same prick that runs over you and takes off… no license no insurance, f*&k him!

      They usually write a ticket the first time, the second time they are supposed to arrest you.

    • ThinkBeforeYouSpeak

      Driving while suspended is a crime. The driver is subject to arrest, the car can be impounded. The Officer instructed the driver to exit the vehicle, the driver refused, a struggle ensued, the driver pulled a gun. The driver is now dead. The fault lies FIRMLY with the driver. He committed the crime, then when he got caught rather than take his punishment like a man he pulled a gun on a cop. By the way, just because the Officer removed the subject from the vehicle does not mean he intended to arrest the subject, it's quite possible he would have written a ticket, and instructed a licensed driver to drive the vehicle. Also, a ticket may not have been an option, if the driver was wanted on a warrant then the Officer is required by law to arrest him, driving while suspended warrants are very common.
      If you pull a gun and try to kill a cop, don't be surprised if you wind up with holes in your body!

      • spokenword100

        Best comment yet! Well said…I agree the driver was wrong all the way around and look people "ThinkBeforeYouSpeak" said it without being racist!

    • Guest

      If the license was already suspended, it would appear that a ticket wouldn't do the trick as something else has already occured for the person to have lost the license. If the state says " no Driving" it means no driving and if the person gets caught doing what they were already told not to do, then what happens next is on them. I know many police officers, they dont look for fights, they just never back down from one, and rightfully so. the choice to be compliant with law was on the table until the individual took it off with the choices they made. we need to stop feeling sorry for those who reap the benefits of there poor choices.

    • johnny

      Alot of teens in the car.. Where are the parents… Why license suspended ?? habitual? Every time I'm in the area Thugs are all over. i don't always like cops but thankful daily we have them. He probably didnt get a change to right a ticket.. driving on suspended is towing you're car not a ticket !! And why was a gun in the car? To keep us law abiding citizens away.. The parents are responsible here to all in volved. Maybe some might even show up at the hospital

  • jazzhound

    A situation that went from bad to worse in about five seconds. more training required for IMPD.

    • V2269

      The bad guy escalated the situation and drew a firearm and SHOT the officer. The officer responded to save his life. Sounds like he had some darn good training to me.

      • Randy

        A dead negro gangster,,thats a good thing isn't it? Thank you IMPD for your great work.Its called thinning of the HERD. Please feel free to eradicate the rest of these animals that run our streets.

  • V2269

    It is an A misdemeanor, punishable by a year in jail and a $1,000 fine to drive while suspended with a prior. The officer was taking him to jail. As the law required. You think the officer DESERVED this because YOU, Sam kinison and john q public, don't like the way he did his job? He was fully within the law and procedure. Must be a nice world you live in.

  • Family Friend

    So how many of u were there??? Oh yea… None of u were… And the whole “it was a nigger” comment, what does race matter??? Lets not forget that white people are the ones who shoot up schools, movie theaters and blow up buildings… Kill the race crap…

    • Becca

      Umm read the story,,no white person has ever been named "famous".They were gangsters that needed to be eliminated from the face of this earth.

      • the truth hurts

        Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery, so thank you fake truth hurts for stealing my user I.D. and posting as me. It's just a shame your bogus post arent very insightful or well thought out. You should spend your time more constructively trying to solve the kneegrow thug problem than mocking my right to free speech, last time I checked freedom of speech was a protected right being a killer isnt.

    • Roger

      RIP, ? really ? How can I gets one of those white funeral T shirts with his picture on it. I for on am glad I don't have to pay for "williams "hospital bills. But I don't mind kicking in a few bucks for a purple limo

  • R Russ

    do any of You vote for your city politicians????? because this is the same spot the the cops also killed this boy's Uncle ..30 years ago ??? nothing has changed JUST GETS WORSE ..SO MAKE CHANGES & V O T E ..GET YOUR MAYOR TO DO THEIR FN JOB & THE POLICE CHIEF & GET YOUR COMPLAINING SCARRRRED RACIST ASSES OUT ON THE STREETS & HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE ..IF NEW JERSEY CAN CLEAN UP THAN SO CAN YOU TAKE BACK YOUR CITY … .. RIP lil WILL ..

    • Lil T

      Why is it someone with lil before their name always ends up getting shot????? Sorry bout ya luck Willie.

  • Kendra P

    Sad cause none of us really know what happened police are rude at times he probally was trying to hide it or anything police always take things too far sometimesIive been a victim myself hope everything gets resolved:(:( our young men are loosing it

  • Kendra P

    As I read down the comments it proves ignorance and we wonder why our kids are failing racism is everywhere and im black and I know it white people are bombing homes kiling kids shooting schools and blacks are so bad cause thier labled nigger and dopeboys thats why our world is ignarant and I luv being a nigger:):)

    • gregor

      You know what Kendra? It is a whole lot of people like you that cause racism black and white. The problem is people do not have respect for life itself. They think everyone owes them something or they have had it rough because someone else caused it. It doesn't matter what color the person was that committed the crime, they just don't have any values at all and that starts in the home. Your last statement is you love being a ( won't use the N word ) says it in a nut shell. Why not say your proud to be an AMERICAN . Here you go all of you RACIST. You don't like here. Then leave. Try North Korea

    • Gat273

      " failing racism"

      How is black on black crime racism? Thinking back as far as you can, how many black people have you heard were killed by whites, white po-lease. Yeah, I'm sure you'll bring up Trayvon but he was killed by a Hispanic Jew, he doesn't count as white until we see his census form.

      Thinking back as far as you can, how many blacks were killed by other blacks?

      With these thoughts in mind, where is the racism? Did the white man take control of these thug's minds and send them on their homicidal rampages through the black community?

      Do you get pissed off when white po-lease profile blacks in the community, do you support the man when he's looking for information on the latest act of violence or do you join crazy rallies and campaigns for fools like Brandon Johnson(no we haven't forgotten that fat boy)?

      Either handle your own business or step back and shut up when 5-0 rolls into the hood.

  • cops wife

    As i read through the comments it amazes me how ignorant some people are. Most people always want to put the blame on the police officer. He was doing his job!!! You complain when you believe they aren't doing their jobs and you complain when they do. I challenge each of you who think its an easy job to go through the hiring process and take a job as an officer and taking it knowing that you will be in danger everyday you leave for work and then bc there are a few bad ones take all the hate from the community bc they dont believe you are actually a good man/woman trying to serve and protect their community. Lets not forget that the ones who complain the most or usually the ones picking up the phone and calling the police when they need help. Everyone reguardless of race needs to be thankful that we have such a force to keep the community safe as possible…..remember you cant be everywhere and neither can they!!!!

  • Shelly

    This is very sad,,,now I have to pay for these two animals hospital bills. I noticed on one of the other stations that one of the gangsters name is "famous"…really. He's now enjoying a nice day in the hospital on my dime.I wish the cop would have been a better shot.Id much rather be paying for white funeral T shirts with the gangsters picture on it. I for one am glad that at least one gangster is dead. Wish it had been the case with the other two animals

      • La-Tishina

        Umm, one of the animals was named "famous" you tell me what race and if they were gangsters. Oh, did you see Walmart has white funeral T shirts on sale? Better pick you up a few,the killing season is about to start

  • Emily Kay

    Ignorance is always going to be upon us sad as it is. I pray for the victims families and also pray for the police officer and the victim because it is not my place to judge, but on the other hand that area is just awful I understand that not a lot of people can afford the better things in life but Good God clean the area up make it a place to where people don't have anything to say about, educate these kids and give them a good ass wooping so that they don't grow up to be like this, there are to many parents just letting there kids do what the hell ever anymore and then they grow up to live in dirty run down places selling drugs and causing violence because that is all they know. As far as the racist comments skin color has nothing to do with why people kill. Be more open minded people and help one another all we got in this life is our selves!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    Ohhhh, imagine that! Just released.. the guy shot has a HUGE criminal background including rape. Not a loss to our society. Good job IMPD for doing your job the right way!!!!!!!!!!! Death is never easy for any family members to handle, but I'm sure it would have been worse for the family of the police officers and possible other innocent passengers if that man would have been able to shoot them before he was killed himself.

  • Rudy

    The real criminal here is Famous Thomas's mom for giving her that name.Otherwise , this is a good thing, one less animal running wild in the streets

  • maria weatherall

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