Local man plans to sue after he says dentist pulled out all of his teeth by mistake

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An Indianapolis man is furious after he said he visited an east side dentist to have three teeth pulled out but walked out with no teeth at all.

“I am going to look like a freak now,” said Christopher Crist.  “Honest to God.”

Crist, who is Autistic, said went to the dentist with a toothache.  His family said they told him exactly what to say to, “pull the three troubled teeth and nothing more.”

“They pulled 32 teeth,” said Crist.  “They pulled every last one of them.”

Fox59 went to Amazing Family Dental to hear their side of the story, but the office door was locked, despite a sign posted stating they were open until 5 p.m. The dental office’s lawyer told Fox59 employees were inside the office, but did not want to comment on the incident

However, Fox59 did receive the following statement:

“Amazing Family Dental, PC and its Dentist comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) by keeping patient information confidential.  This dental office also cooperates with patients by making patient files available to the patient on the patient’s request.”

Crist’s family said they had been trying to get those records for two days, but still have not received anything.  Before his latest visit to the dentist, Crist was described to be fun-loving and quick to smile.  Now, the 21-year-old man said he has no idea how to go on.

“I do not know how she is going to look at me, and I do not know how my friends are going to look at me now,” said Crist.

Family members told Fox59 they plan on hiring a lawyer and filing a lawsuit against Amazing Family Dental.

Fox59 checked out the status of the dental office’s license, and the license is current with the State of Indiana and there was no record of any other complaint filed against the company.

Dentists said there are cases where pulling a large number of teeth is the right thing to do.  Fox59 spoke with Lynna Scott of Scott Dentistry, who said in extreme cases like trench mouth, where the patient’s teeth are all rotting away, pulling them out is the best medicine.

“Sometimes teeth can be saved, other times they cannot be saved, but either way if they cannot be saved, it is best to get them out so you do not have other conditions going on,” said Scott.  “Things like infections spreading that will lead to heart attacks, or strokes, or other things that can basically be fatal.  It really does depend on the person or situation.”

Scott said before that many teeth are taken out, there needs to conversation between dentist and patient, as well as informed consent before it happens.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Po White Trash loves:

    * Tattoos
    * Running around with shirts off
    * Cage fighting (where his teeth probably got mangled)
    * Hard Liquor
    * Pitbulls

    I side with the dental office.

    • hisangel

      NO ONE deserves this treatment. Name callers who ever you are, you need to take a good look at yourself. Would you want your son, daughter, niece or nephew to have to go through something like this? AND what kind of a name is "ClanSmokeJuguar"

    • Gat273

      :"Dentures???? no way!!! Implants and dental care for life is what he should get."

      That's probably what he's getting now through disability and other gubment hand outs. I'll bet you a week's pay this boy and most if not all of this family and friends are on or responsible for some form of government payments.

      If they're not on disability, fools like this guy and his supporters probably created children that are now over running our schools, sucking up the WIC, draining welfare and if the kid has some sort of mental issue, the parents are collecting disability payments.

      I know scum like this that are collecting disability payments for 7 and 8 years olds with learning disability.

  • doubt

    I don't believe a dentist would pull all your teeth by "mistake". I am sure the dentist told him all his teeth were bad and needed to come out. He probably was informed and after all if you go to the dentist for 2 or 3 teeth to be removed and they start pulling more teeth all you have to do is ask…what are you doing. He was not under general anesthesia so all he had to do was stop them.

    • hisangel

      WHAT A STUPID STATEMENT ! It was more than "general" that is why the dentist told him someone would have to pick him up, he was unable to stand up or even walk. GET the facts straight!

  • ashley

    sorry to tell each one of you this is my aunt Carla's son and he had all of his teeth before he went into the dentist. and for all of you that think this is a just to get rich kind of thing your WRONG. what this dentist office did to him was wrong. he has to live the rest of his life without any teeth because of this place. Chris I'm sorry that they put you through this. I hope that you sue the shit out of them.

      • Gat273

        Or cousin Ashley

        Why is it people like this always have one of the following names:


        Please tell me you're not the Ashley on his Face Book page with all those dayum kids. Posing with thugs and your "b!tches."

        I'm sure you're praying this boy gets paid and you get a cut.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        lol…Gat…you know that's the Ashley in the FB profile.

        Ashley wants a cut of that loot that "Toothless" is hoping to get so she use that to supplement her WIC.

    • hisangel

      NO ONE deserves this treatment. Name callers who ever you are, you need to take a good look at yourself. Would you want your son, daughter, niece or nephew to have to go through something like this?
      Think about it. The dentist made a mistake, he should pay for it. It is not going to make Chris feel better, he is only 21 years old. NOW WHAT, let this man who calls himself a dentist get away with this??? Chris is without his natural teeth forever, he cannot do enough to compensate this young man. I hope others will sign a petition for Chris.

      • Gat273

        "Would you want your son, daughter, niece or nephew"

        FYI, "the what it if was[insert loved one] generally doesn't work on message boards. That said, what if this BOY was mine:

        I would have made sure he had an escort to and from the dentist. Where sedation is involved, they typically ask for you to have a ride. What was he going to do, walk or ride the bus home?

        "It is not going to make Chris feel better"

        Cool, if the money isn't to make him and his family feel better, he should only be made whole. That's a new set of teeth free of charge. Considering he was in there to get 3 yanked out, this sounds like it would be an upgrade.

        In the long run, it will also save the taxpayers a little money.

        Where were you when this boy's teeth were rotting out of his face? Did you think to sign a petition or take up a collection prior to this incident or was you only exchange with him to let him know how awesome his new pit bull pup was?

  • chris

    to all the one who are supporting me and wishing me good luck i just want to thank you all but i also just want it to be known that i honestly can promise that i did not go in there to get all my teeth pulled out and if i did even they would have had to made a mold of my teeth so that i could have gotten new one and even if i did have a bad diesease in my mouth it wouldn't have made a difference they are supposed to do proper presiders im sorry if everyone thinks i am a no good drugy but i dont need people makinging it harder on me to deal with please seeing how bad everyone is talking about me is putting me in a bad place in my head that i cant even begin to explain i cant eat i cant sleep and now all i feel is that im not lovable anymore all i want is to be able to have my teeth back to where i can eat again to feel normal to not be going thru pain bad enough to get no sleep but i can honestly say that i had no way to announce to them to stop except murmbling or blinking the way i felt was wierd it was like i was there but i wasn't and the only thing i can say about this is that from reading all of these comments and after what has happened i dont feel as if i should even belong as a human being you all make me feel like im worthless and not at all worth anyones time.

    • Guest

      Chris – do not let a message board dictate your self worth. People get on here to vent about situations they don't know the full story about. All they know is what Fox59 LET them know, then they start speculating any undisclosed details. You know what happened, Fox59 just wanted to issue a word of warning – I personally appreciate. Take the positive and good ideas and move on. Its really sad you are so young for this to have happened. You can (and should) get dental implants – that office should pay for it. It won't be the same and will be a painful experience but it will be as close as you can get to having your smile back.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      >explain i cant eat i cant sleep and now al

      Can't write proper sentences.

      Don't forget that!

      • Gat273

        "announce to them to stop except murmbling or blinking the way"

        Or raising a hand, turning your head, kicking your feet. I'm sure if they were about to remove your dude you would find a way to communicate your displeasure with the dentist's actions.


        Are you responding on a free Obama phone or have you found a way to pay for a cell phone and or web connection?

        Just curious, you had to wait until your teeth were falling out before treatment, I would ***ume finances were the reason but you're able to go online and read this mess.

      • Gat273

        "ever heard of a library or friends house?"

        With friends like this who needs enemies? If you're able to let this boy use your computer, why didn't you run him to the dentist?

        It couldn't be because you were at work.

    • Billy

      Don't worry about all these people saying bad stuff about you, this is the internet, it's the place where VERY miserable people vent the stress of how much they hate there lives. -indisputable accurate fact. I just saw this on my news here and I care very much. After your story came on, our news person took a few seconds to get her composure back. I hope everything works out.

    • Guy

      Sorry, but you just shown yourself to be an uneducated jack off hillbilly. Drugs are bad and stay in school.

  • toothless in seattle

    I had a root canal several years ago at a large Indy dental practice. I began to have severe pain in the tooth that had the root canal. I went to another dentist who took an x-ray and was surprised when he told me the end of a dental drill bit had broken off and was in my tooth. He had to do another root canal to get the metal drill bit out of my tooth. I still have the drill bit in a small medicine bottle.
    It never crossed my mind to sue anyone just to get some money.



    • Gat273

      Yeah it sure beats us paying for his dental work.

      Dollars to doughnuts he's barely working and/or on some kind of gubment program and/or would have skipped out on the bill driving up dental costs for everyone in the long run.

      I could be wrong if his cage fighting gig actually pays and offers insurance.

  • Veronica

    Being in the Dental field I think this is completely BS!!!
    The Dr's and the dental assistant BOTH know what is to be done before they even start!!! I could see the Dr making a mistake, but it is also the assistants job to come forward when something is wrong.
    I am SO very sorry for what has happened to this gentleman. I wish the best for this guy!!! I would NOT settle for dentures!!! I would make the Dr pay for dental implants!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dorothy Tyler

    This story is outrageous !!!! Total negligence on dentist & staff,the consequences need to be total payment for that irresponsibility & full implants & pain & suffering for that young man.after that barred from practicing dentistry!!!!

    • Gat273

      "He'll get dentures and get paid, he'll have the last laugh."

      Then what? After his family and friends get their cut, all he'll be left with is a little change for a pit bull pup and one of those side ways hats.

      BTW, where do you get hats that have the bill on the side, I've gone all over and can't seem to find them anywhere.

      If he gets anything from a lawsuit and he's been on gubment assistance, Uncle Sugar should cream his cut right off the top.

  • JJJ

    Wow, something isn't right about this at all. Just because the office isn't commenting on this doesn't mean they did anything wrong. This is why they have lawyers to take care of this stuff for them.

  • Earl

    If he had a pill crushed and put under his tongue that means he had sedation and that also means someone had to take him to the office and stay there and take him home, so where was this person when all of this was happening?

    • oneaceofspade

      It wasn't just one pill, and he did not need anyone when he was just going to have three teeth removed.

  • Billy

    I just saw this on my local news in VA. That poor guy, it really broke my heart :( I hope somehow he can get a set of those permanently mounted artificial teeth and that office gets held fully accountable.

  • renihan

    I have known this man my whole life he is a brother to me he is a good man always made people smile now since this has happened he doesn’t even smile anymore. He has tried to get his records everytime he goes the doors are locked. All of you cold hearted people wouldn’t like it if this happened to one of your family members and people were talking sh** about them now would you. He was going to be a cage fighter but has his family to take care of he is not after money he has his own how else has he taken care of his family this long. He is a grown man and doesn’t need a babysitter at the dentist he told them and circled the teeth to be pulled but the dumba** dentist did what he wanted Chris couldn’t comprehend what was happening because the dentist gave him 4 pills and shots so how could he have stopped him. He is not a drug addict or anything close to that so shut your mouth if your saying he is maybe your the person that does drugs. Seriously you people make me sick why would he want all of his teeth pulled out I no I wouldn’t. This kind of thing drives someone to kill them selves how would you feel then. Leave him alone he’s been through enough!!!!!

    • Gat273

      "He was going to be a cage fighter but has his family to take care"

      Take care of how? Disability?

      IF he didn't want the notoriety and insults that come with with being on the news, he shouldn't have allowed himself to be put on showcase for Fox59, a new home for whiny losers.

      What did YA'LL think when would happen when YA'LL allowed this boy to come off the reservation and go into the real world of television?

      I'm sure YA'LL were thinking of a pile of gold at the end of a law suit rainbow. This kid won't get much of anything out of this expect a little currency and a fresh set of teeth. In the end, he should consider this an upgrade and keep it moving.

      "He is a grown man and doesn't need a babysitter at the dentist"

      The Gat Monkey was asked by a GROWN person to accompany them to the dentist(per the dentist's recommendations). Sedation dentistry usually involves at least getting someone a ride to and from the place.

      Considering you and other supporters like to point to the fact this kid is somehow learning disabled, only an idiot would allow him to go for a mini surgical procedure on his own.

  • Roscoe P Coltrane

    This guys Facebook page just smells of white trash. Picture of a pot leaf, alcohol in hand and his dreams are to be a cage fighter. Talk about a bottom-feeder. It's a sad and unfortunate story, but this guy needs to convince a judge/jury that his last 7 years spent on the government dole was about to change and he was about to hit it big and deserves millions.

  • Pat

    I personally know how this dentist office is I went in for an exam and my insurance covered most of the exam cleaning & pulling 2 teeth they still wanted 300.00 up front told me I had a severe infection was wanting to pull my teeth and get the money but didnt offer antibiotics i never went back that was a big sign that the dentist office was a big no no!!!!

    • oneaceofspade

      Did you ever have wisdom teeth you had to have removed? and maybe 1 cavity???
      Think before you speak!

  • renihan

    Seriously people need to grow the fu** up how old are you 5 yeah he’s on disability but who isn’t its not his fault. He’s not suing for big bucks he just wants to prove a point that the dentist really messed up and now he has to suffer. And all of you people still judging him by his facebook he dnt drink all the time only occasionaly and doesn’t smoke have you ever heard of likeing a picture guess not. Wait til it happens to one of your family members I’m just waiting to read another story like this with one of your names on it. He had 3 teeth pulled just like I have basically 4 fake teeth candy and not really taking care of them is that a problem. Yeah well people in his family have a job and maybe they couldn’t take off work and someone has to be with the kids. Get off his nu** already da**. Go get your teeth fuc*** up now buddy then we will see who gets the last words in haha.

    • Gat273

      " but who isn't"

      Most of my family isn't, I'm willing to be my neighbors and co-workers aren't on disability. Only scum like you and this kid sit back, buy pit bulls and suck the system dry.

      It's funny, when people think of welfare they think of some big butt black girl with her fingers and hair did. The truth is crap like you, this boy and his family are the leeches Mitt Romney was really talking about but to scared to elaborate.

      I hope he gets his new set of teeth and save the tax payers money. He wasn't taking care of his teeth any way costing ALL of us money.

      Get your weak silly trailer park buns off line, off welfare and get to work sweetie.

      • Steven

        "Most of my family isn't"

        So if everyone thought like you then the family members you have are POS people that are taking advantage of the gov…just like you think other people that are on gov programs are to use your words "Shit that sit back buy pit bulls and suck the system dry"…i would guess that if you where 300lbs you would call other 300lb people fat huh

      • Gat273

        "you have are POS people"

        Exactly!!! Now I think you're getting it. Just because they're family doesn't mean they aren't system draining leaches like you and everyone around you.

        Believe me, they are..

        I just don't sit around apologizing for them like you apparently do.

      • Steven

        "like you and everyone around you"

        got a job and work 40 hours a week

        "just because they're family doesn't mean they aren't system draining leaches"

        nice to see how you feel about your family….if i where you i would go ahead and pick up your phone..dial 4355…ask for satan and make your reservation now

  • jokman

    First for the person that said where can I buy a hat with a bill on the side… Your kidding right!? And second.. Half you people are ridiculous!! Leave the boy alone.. Its not really any of our business.. And oh yea,why couldn’t a 21 year old get three teeth pulled?? Why is this odd… Any age can have bad teeth.

    • Gat273

      "Its not really any of our business.."

      Yes it is. This mook is getting medical treatment on the tax payers dime. He has money for pit bulls and fight training, he should be paying for his own treatment.

      "Why is this odd.."

      It maybe common place where you live but where I'm from this just doesn't happen unless little Johnny gets hit in the mouth with a baseball.

      "First for the person that said where can I buy a hat with a bill on the side… Your kidding right!?"

      Yes I was joking. I know only wannabe gangster losers like this kid walk around with their hats turned to the side.

  • Steven

    just for you people out there that say the only way your teeth become rotten is by being a drug addict or not taking care of your teeth are wrong..im 22 years old and i have to get my top teeth taken out and dentures because i used to get extremely dehydrated as a child and it caused my teeth to become rotten because my body was low on vitamins and the acid in puke will also eat your teeth..ive brushed my teeth twice a day every day and will pass any drug test you put infront of me but that did nothing for me. there are alot more than 2 reason why teeth become rotten

    • Gat273

      " why teeth become rotten"

      So Stevie, how do you pay for your dental work? Are you sucking the system dry or are you working, paying for insurance?

      • Steven

        if you would read gat273ie i haven't got my dental work done yet but yes i work and im going to pay for it myself. And its funny to see you talk about how trashy people are on here when your name is GAT and your avatar is a monkey holding a pistol…sounds pretty ghetto trash to me bud

  • Driver

    I think I would have raised my hand and asked what's goin' on after the fourth or fifth tooth. Speak up for yourselves people!

  • renal failure

    I discovered your blog site on google and check a few of your early posts. Continue to keep up the very good operate. I just additional up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader. Seeking forward to reading more from you later on!

  • Janie

    This may seem an odd case but I know my neice went there and had trouble too although not as bad. Had wisdom teeth pulled and was in pain went back and they said they told her the pain would last 30 days and sent her home. She went somewhere else and found out she had a dry socket and the cavity they fixed wasnt fixed. They put the silver in her gumline not in the tooth. Wow how dumb! luckily she is okay

  • labgirl

    I can believe that a dentist would do this. I have worked in the labratory side of the dental field for 20 plus years. I have seen dentist do a lot of inappropriate and unnecessary things. Paitients are NOT educated enough to know the differance. They put their trust in the dentest, as he or she is the one that went to school for this. A lot of dentest have been strugling to keep their days full with work, and Insurance companies are to blam for a lot of this. They are the ones that dictate what the doctors fees will be. In the end if your dentist tells you you need somthing please educate yourself, or get a second opinion!

  • martin

    The dentist should be expected to pay for implants. Dentures aren't like having real teeth and the man had teeth.

  • Lon

    Here in New Castle, the Dentist ask if someone can drive you home after that much work.
    I have never known a Dentist to pull good teeth..Unless requested ..It could happen I guess.

    Bad deal, no one wins in this case.

  • renihan

    Hahahaha your funny trailer park trash. For one you have no idea who I am or where I live sweetie. Why don’t you get off this and get a life.Yeah I have a blue pit I think the majority of indiana has a pit what does a dog have to do with a persons life kinda confused on the point of that. I don’t get a check I got a job sweetie. A

  • Assume Much?

    I didn't do drugs, drink or anything to have half my teeth removed at 31. My dad had bad teeth, removed at age 28. My mother had bad teeth, removed at 32. NO DRUG OR ALCOHOL ABUSE WHATSOEVER! We had medical reasons to our issues. So to say this poor man's teeth were rot from that is just absurd! You don't know, do you? Are you there with him? Do you monitor his everyday habits? No. So shut up, go back to work and stop playing on the internet!

    • Steven

      THANK YOU!!!!
      I 2 have had bad teeth and im going to need to get dentures at age 22…ive never done drugs and i dont drink(didnt even drink on my 21st birthday) all the idiots on here are why kids drop out of school and are afraid to go anywhere or talk to anyone because UNEDUCATED people only see 2 reasons why teeth become rotton(drugs and bad hygiene)

      • Steven

        PS mine was because of extreme dehydration as a child(was put into hospital multiple times because my body wouldnt hold onto the vitamins and minerals they tried to put into me)

  • B. R.

    Forget the dentures,he is a young man and shouldn't have to wear dentures for the rest of his life..Sue Amazing Family Dental for the money then to go to a dentist who can be trusted and get implants..Even if all his teeth should have been pulled because of health reasons, they had no right to take it upon themselves to do so without talking it over with him first..

  • Guest

    So……did they put him to sleep for this procedure? I hope so, because I think I would know if I was having more than one tooth pulled!?!?!

    • Steven

      you dont have to be asleep to not have control or feeling of anything..just go to youtube and see how many videos are posted of people that have been under sedation getting teeth pulled…they say random shit and have no memory of what happened

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