Steak n Shake facing another lawsuit

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Indianapolis-based Steak n Shake is facing another lawsuit from a franchise owner.

The franchise owner is upset over pricing policies.  According to our partners at the Indianapolis Business Journal, the lawsuit focuses on how restaurants are prohibited from setting their own menu prices.

This is the second suit the company has faced over the matter. They lost the first suit.

This suit from a St. Louis-based company is seeking an injunction on the policy.


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  • Sharon

    We use the coupons we get evety week, go during "Happy Hour" ang get good meals for around $20 for 2!! Love the milk shakes.

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  • Gues

    I wonder why the IBJ has such animosity for Steak n Shake…I visit almost daily…Free WIFI and great Chili…

  • Guest

    I think their prices are great. Kids eat free on the weekend. You can use multiple coupons. We always have good food, good service, and a good deal. I don't want them to change a thing! And their milkshakes are YUM!!

  • Guest

    I'm assuming the franchise owner wants to raise prices, but the policy won't allow them to?? Not sure, lots of missing info. Poorly written.

    • agreed.

      That would be my guess as well. and yes, Fox 59 does not do a good job of writing these articles. Good thing they dont write the newspaper.

    • agreed.

      this is how Fox 59 reports the news. poorly written blog style with not much information. Its too bad the person who writes them does read this and start writing good articles.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    I'm no longer a big fan of S&S, at least the ones nearest to me. The one on Pendleton Pike near Sunnyside is disgusting. The last time I visited the tables were nasty, the menus greasy, and the staff shady looking.

    There is one in southern Indiana, off 65 near Jeffersonville that is cleanly run and nice.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

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  • pete

    Who cares about steak and shake? This company will not hire a convicted felon even if it was 70 yrs ago. Hope the go under !

  • tim

    Oh goodie I live in Geist. Aren't you special. Gee I'm somebody I live in Geist and eat at the Steak and Shake by myseld (of course). And I play on my computor all day and talk like a big boy. You arew a punk ass.

  • anon

    I think probably food cost has a lot to do with why the franchisees are suing the parent company for the right to set their own prices, but part of the franchise agreement with most parent companies is that the franchisee can't change anything, ever. Menu Item have to be the same at a franchise, the owner can't add new items or change recipes. Also, franchisees can't set their own prices, it's part of the contract they signed on for, along with trademark rights & the right do do business in the parent company's name. The downside to that is that if food costs are high, which they are, franchisees can't raise prices even a few cents to recover their losses. The upside of owning a franchise is that places like Steak n Shake, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, etc. are all nationally recognized, & people tend to stick with what's familiar & consistent. A franchisee can work with the company's recipes, so doesn't have to deal with the trial & error inconsistencies that some privately-owned restaurants deal with.

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