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Roads closed across the state due to flooding

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Several roads across Indiana are closed because of severe flooding around the state. High waters have made roads impassable and dangerous.

According to the Indiana Department of Transportation, the following roads are closed because of flooding:

  • IN 13 between N. C St. and N. D St. in Elwood
  • IN north IN 28 in Elwood
  • IN 26 between IN 9 and I-69 near Fairmount
  • IN 9 between W. 1050 and W 950 S. near Pendleton
  • IN 19 between IN 26 and E 300 S. (4 to 5 miles south of Amboy)
  • IN 75 between US 421 and IN 26 in Clinton County
  • IN 26 at IN 526 near West Lafayette
  • IN 43 between IN 54 and Kopf Lane
  • IN 225 between IN 25 and IN 43 near Battle Ground
  • IN 43 between IN 443 and I-65 in Tippecanoe County
  • US 52 at IN 47 in Boone County
  • IN 236 between US 231 and IN 75 near North Salem (now open)
  • US 136 between N. County Road 50 W and N. County Road 150 E in Montgomery County (now open)
  • IN 9 between 1050 S and W 950 near Pendleton
  • IN 42 between US 231 and IN 142
  • IN 46 between IN 3 and US 421 near Greensburg
  • IN 38 between Gretna Green Ln S Harbour Dr and River Road in Noblesville
  • IN 32 between Hague Road and River Road in Noblesville
  • IN 28 from U.S. 31 to State Road 19 in Tipton County
  • IN 19 between Logan Street and Field Drive in Hamilton County
  • IN 47 near County Road 1100 West in Boone County

For a map listing closures, visit INDOT’s website.

For a look at travel advisories, visit the Indiana Department of Homeland Security’s website.