US Army Veteran Killed in Denny’s Shooting

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One man is now under arrest for the  murder of a former soldier after an early Saturday morning shooting  at Denny’s restaurant on 8808 North Michigan Road.

When officers responded, they found 46-year-old Mario Wilson of Indianapolis lying in the parking lot, and the suspect, 26-year-old Leonard Bond of Indianapolis, was being held by restaurant patrons. Wilson was taken to St. Vincent Hospital, where he later died.

Wilson was inside the restaurant when a verbal fight broke out between the two men.  Bond then left the Denny’s but started pounding on the windows trying to coax Wilson to come outside.  When Bond started to coming back into the diner, Wilson met him at the front door.   Police say that’s when Bond fired and killed the retired 22-year veteran of the U.S. Army.

Bond did attempt to run, but customers stepped in to hold Bond until police arrived.

Formal charges are pending from the Marion County Prosecutors Office.