Warmer today with rain not too far away

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Mostly rain and perhaps an isolated thunderstorm with rain on Tuesday through Wednesday

We are warming up.  A morning warm front passage means warmer weather today.  Yesterday we hit 48 degrees for a high.  Today’s high will be about 10 degrees warmer than that.  Tomorrow we should see temperatures see another bump of about 10 degrees.  Rain chances return to the area though on Tuesday.

Looking at the numbers from Tuesday’s rain, it doesn’t appear that we should be expecting a severe weather outbreak.  Heavy rain with a couple of isolated storms will be


Fewer communities today included on this map. That’s good.

expected on Tuesday.  We could see Timing of the event is still up in the air at this time, with my thinking at this time being that we won’t see a drop of rain before 3pm.  If that’s the case then temps will likely hit the 70s in a couple of communities.

No matter when the rain arrives temps will be going down on Wednesday.  We will likely see temps feel like they are 30 degrees cooler at times on Wednesday when compared to just 24 hours before it.  Highs on Wednesday will be in the 50s but the daytime temp will likely hover into the 40s at times.  Strong winds will also make it ‘feel’ significantly colder than it actually is.