Missing IU student Lauren Spierer to be remembered at graduation

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Posters of Lauren Spierer are all over IU’s campus. Spierer would have been graduating this weekend but she is still missing.  The school’s president will talk about her this weekend at commencement. Her family just wishes someone would come forward to help “Find Lauren.”

Graduation. – for senior Alexa D’Sa, it’s celebrating the end of one journey and the beginning of another.

“I am well prepared,” said D’Sa.  “I am at peace with the whole situation.  I am ready, but it has been great four years.”

A joy-filled time for most, but not for everyone.

“I can not imagine being there this weekend and Lauren not being there,” said Charlene Spierer.

Lauren Spierer should be putting on cap and gown. She should be walking with her friends at commencement. Instead, she is still missing.

“She is not starting her life that she should be starting.  It is a tragedy,” said Charlene Spierer.

Spierer was last seen June 3, 2011.  Her picture is still a fixture on campus.  Her disappearance has impacted the entire university, so much so IU President Michael McRobbie’s opening remarks at commencement will focus on Lauren.

“It was important to us to recognize that, in a way that is appropriate, just to let her family know that we certainly have not forgotten and that we are all hoping for a resolution and they certainly are in our thoughts,” said IU Spokesman Mark Land.

D’Sa had been thinking a lot about her classmate during the week of graduation.

“It could be me, it could be anyone,” said D’Sa.  “It is someone’s daughter, it is someone’s loved one.  It is someone that I graduated from the same university as.  It is difficult to think that something, like a disappearance could hit so close to home.”

IU seniors will leave school after graduation weekend to begin a new adventure.  Meanwhile, Robert and Charlene Spierer know their quest for answers is far from over.

“You see her face everywhere,” said Robert Spierer.  “You look at her picture and you feel a heartache and so even though a day can be long, when you put it all together it has not been long.  It seems like it goes by very quickly.”

Charlene Spierer said she wishes she knew the word or phrase that would motivate someone, anyone, to step up and say something.

The Spierers said they are not coming back to Bloomington for commencement because it would be too painful.  They plan to be back in July, coming back to campus to continue their fight to find their daughter.

If you have information, please come forward.

Written correspondence can be sent to:
Find Lauren
PO Box 1226
Bloomington, IN 47402

You can also call Bloomington police at (812) 339-4477 or Beau Dietl & Associates at (800) 777-9366.