Low rain chance for this weekend

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Here comes the rain. There is a chance for rain this weekend.

Rain chances continue to trend down this morning with little rain now expected through the weekend.  This morning’s model runs show the best chance of rain actually occurring this afternoon into the overnight hours.  Saturday and Sunday rain totals look small but I do expect we will see some light mist on Saturday and it will be possible but not likely on Sunday.

The reason our chances for rain have been all over the place is due to the variation in a cut off low’s track.  This is not unusual as once a low is ‘cut-off’ from the jet stream it becomes


Chances are good you won’t have to dodge rain drops while running the Mini

 difficult to track as it just meanders while being pushed and pulled by prevailing winds and other small atmospheric causes.  While there may still be some uncertainty over the exact track still of the cut-off low, but we have enough information now to pretty much remove the low from rolling over Indianapolis or really even bringing the city a lot of rain.

So what can we expect for the weekend?  Skies will remain cloudy with some light rain showers around the area.  Sunday will be slightly warmer than Saturday with a high in the upper 60s.  We start to see a return of the sun on Monday with highs in the low 70s.  We expect to see 70s for highs through Wednesday.  There is an isolated chance for rain on Tuesday, but it isn’t a good chance.  Finally to end the workweek the Euro model is picking up a decent shot of rain on Thursday and Friday.  This is something the GFS picks up on Saturday and keeps around through next weekend.   We will see how this next round of rain develops and get a better sense of timing over the next few days