Ohio kidnapping victims say they’re ‘happy, safe’ in letter

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By WJW/Fox8

Cleveland (Lindsay Buckingham) — Three women held captive for a decade want supporters to know that they are “happy and safe and continue to heal.”

That’s what attorneys representing Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight said in a letter released on behalf of the women Wednesday morning.

They are also grateful that the media and curious onlookers have disappeared from their neighborhoods, allowing them to heal.

The privacy, according to the letter, is priceless to the women:

“Perhaps the greatest gift of all – the space and time to reconnect with their families and recover and rebuild their lives. And so they say again, “Thank you. Thank you so much!”

What has also touched their hearts is the ongoing support from complete strangers, who have offered money, goods and services.

But, for now, the women are just trying to figure out what they need for the future. The letter addresses the matter, below:

“We understand some people may be confused about the best way to help. We are in direct, private and ongoing conversations with Amanda, Gina and Michelle about many matters, including your generosity. While they appreciate the generous offers of goods and services, for now, they are trying to assess what they need today and for years to come. That’s why donations to the Cleveland Courage Funds are so welcome.”

So far, the Cleveland Courage Funds have raised $650,000 from more than 6,800 individual donations. It’s a reliable way to help the women, attorneys said in the letter.

“We are confident the Cleveland Courage Funds are the legitimate, appropriate and most effective vehicles for this effort. In fact, donations to the Cleveland Courage Funds are already being distributed to the four survivors consistent with the concepts behind the trusts that are being set up. And as soon as the trusts are in place, one-hundred percent of all donations to the Cleveland Courage Funds will go into those trusts.”