Students raise $7,500 to build well in Africa

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LEBANON – Lebanon High School students determined to make a difference on a global scale presented a check Tuesday to help bring fresh water to a community half a world away.

The students presented a check for $7,500 to the Thirst Project, an organization dedicated to building freshwater wells in impoverished communities around the world. The money will go to build a well in Africa.

“Organizing an entire fundraising effort for The Thirst Project is both gratifying and empowering; it is good to know that high school students can really make a difference in this world,” said Cameron Hudson, an LHS student and co-chair of the campaign.

Students actually raised $8,100 during the fundraising campaign; the remaining money will go toward efforts to build a second well next year.

“It was an experience that we will always cherish as we look forward to hearing more about the change that we have made in the world,” said Kate O’Rourke, an LHS student and co-chair.

Amber Kenneson, an LHS alumna, accepted the check on behalf of the Thirst Project.

“I am especially proud of the students here–not only for their success in raising enough funds to build a well, but for their extraordinary creativity and for the high level of community engagement they inspired. I truly cannot wait to see what they do next year!” Kenneson said.

For more about the Thirst Project, visit the organization’s website.