2012 drought sends beef prices soaring to all time high

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Grilling season is in full swing and if you plan on buying any burgers or steaks, get ready for sticker shock as beef prices are on the rise.

According to the Indiana Beef Council, you can blame the increase on last summer’s drought.

“A year ago, the average ground beef price was $3.81 and today, it’s $4.21,” said Joe Moor, Executive Vice President of IBC.

Last year, Fox59 found out the lack of rain had dried up pastures at local farms and left little for cattle to graze on. Moor said that pushed the price of feed up and caused ranchers to cut their herd.

“The number of herds in the United States today is the lowest it’s been since 1950,” said Moor.

Some butcher shops, like Kincaid and Son’s Meat Market on North Illinoism are holding off on raising their prices. Owner David Rollins hopes the prices will peak soon and come back down.

“Everybody’s still trying make a living and feed the family,” he said.

If it doesn’t, he’s afraid he will have to pass on the pain to customers like other grocers.

Moor said the best advice for shoppers is to compare ads and look for discounts on beef before buying from your usual grocer.