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Historic plane makes stop at Purdue University

It flew on D-Day, it even took Indiana Jones through the Himalayas and now, it is making a stop-over at Purdue.

The world’s oldest DC-3 airplane was built back in the 1937, and almost looks like it is getting better with age.  It will be on campus for the next two days.

The history craft after has quite a history in West Lafayette.  In the 1960s it was the plane aviation students, like Tom Taff learned to fly with.

“It is really heartwarming, you can hear it flying over now. I think from the turnout of people today in the aviation community and the university community, you can see there is a lot of interest for this marvelous, spectacular old airplane,” said Taff.

People who joined the foundation supporting the aircraft got to take a free flight.

To find out how to join, go to


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