Kroger to stop double coupons, promises greater storewide savings

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Coupon clippers may be disappointed to hear about Kroger slashing its double coupon promotion, but the company says it will slash storewide prices instead for greater savings.

On July 31, Kroger will stop doubling manufacturer coupons. The policy has been in place for decades, but the chain said it found only 7 percent of customers are taking advantage these days.

Instead, Kroger said it is now slashing prices on items throughout its stores, especially produce and healthy options.

“Their potential savings from items through the entire store is far more than what they might be giving up in a few items with double coupons,” said John Elliott, Kroger Public Affairs Manager.

Still, couponers like Mary Russell were upset at the news.

“(I save) a whole lot. Wherever you can save money, you know, that’s what I try to do,” Russell said.

Other customers, like Kevin Pavelchik, said they didn’t mind the change since they never cut out traditional coupons.

“It’s more of a hassle than anything else,” Pavelchick said.

Kroger will continue accepting paper manufacturer coupons, just not at that double savings. Its slashed prices went into effect at stores in central Indiana this week.