Large local church to cut ties with Boy Scouts after gay youth ban lifted

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– One of the city’s largest churches announced they would cut ties with the Boy Scouts of America following the organization’s decision to allow gay youths. 

Council members of the East 91st Street Christian Church stated they would not charter the Boy Scouts of America after September 1, 2014.

“Our vision as a church is to equip and mobilize people to transform our world for Jesus Christ,” wrote the church in their statement posted on their website.

In late May, the organization made a monumental statement, voting to allow openly gay youths to join scouting.

The organization continues to ban openly gay adult leaders.

The following is the East 91st Street Christian Church’s statement regarding their decision:

“The Elder Council of East 91st Street Christian Church shares great appreciation for the ministry of Boy Scout Troop #910 and Pack #910 and for the rich history of the Boy Scouts of America. Our vision as a church is to equip and mobilize people to transform our world for Jesus Christ. In support of that vision, the Elders have made a decision not to charter the Boy Scouts of America beyond September 1, 2014.

Although we are no longer in alignment with the Boy Scouts of America, we desire to continue a scouting ministry that is consistent with our vision and in commitment to our mission to love God, follow Jesus and serve your world. As a result, we will use the time needed between now and September 1, 2014, in consultation with our current Scout Leadership Council, to investigate affiliation with a Christ-centered scouting organization that will allow us to develop and disciple young men. This decision comes through much prayer and seeking the Lord’s direction in this matter as we humbly seek to be a church that loves all people with the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Elder Council by calling 849-1261 x2431 or email Tim Kahms, Elder Chairman.”

The Crossroads of America Council, the body that oversees Central Indiana Boy Scouts, responded with its own statement saying that some organizations are dropping their support while the Scouts are exploring their options.

Here’s the statement provided to Fox 59 News:

“We continue to keep an open dialogue with our units, parents, and chartered organizations on this very complex issue.  There have been some chartered organizations who no longer wish to be sponsors and in every case thus far, we have found new ones willing to step in.  Every family who wishes to remain in Scouting has an available pack or troop.

“Additionally, we also have new organizations who are offering to start new packs and troops, our camps are very active right now and the vast majority of our families are excited about what Scouting offers their kids.”