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Researchers dig up 50,000-year-old pig skeleton in Indiana cave

Researchers at the Indiana State Museum have been digging in a pit cave for more than 25 years. This week, they unearthed their greatest find.

Paleobiologists Ron Richards and Michele Greenan uncovered the remains of a 50,000-year-old flat-headed peccary. Experts said the find, made in Crawford County, is that of a medium-sized animal similar to a pig.

VIDEO:  Remains of 50,000-year-old pig found in Indiana cave

According to Richards, they’ve found flat-headed peccary remains before at the location but nothing so complete. The skeleton includes two back legs with kneecaps, a backbone, head, ribs, hips and feet. Richards said such a complete find is rare.

The remains come from the late Pleistocene period, which spans from 2.6 million to 11,700 years ago and featured large land mammals like mammoths and mastodons.

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