Officer shot in line of duty calls Bradway “hero”

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A Central Indiana officer shot while on duty said he commends the decision a fallen Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer made before he was shot and killed last week.

IMPD Officer Rod Bradway was ambushed as he entered a northwest side apartment to quell a domestic disturbance, early Friday morning. 24-year-old Steven Byrdo had been holding his ex-girlfriend and her baby hostage at the Eagle Pointe Apartments since 11 p.m. Thursday. At one point, the woman escaped to the balcony and screamed; Byrdo fired off a shot.

Gun fire was exchanged between Byrdo and Bradway fatally woundng Bradway. Byrdo was shot and killed by another officer who responded to the scene a few moments later.

“What the officer did that night, he was a hero. He saved that lady’s life and her child by paying the ultimate sacrifice,” said Fortville Officer Matt Fox. He nearly made that sacrifice when he was shot multiple times during a June, 2012 traffic stop and pursuit.

“The first shot was instant,” he recalled. “It came through the dash and paralyzed me ’cause it hit me in the head.”

Unable to move, Fox said all he could think was that he was going to die.

“That I’ll never see my, my daughter, my girlfriend again or anybody.”

However, Fox survived and returned to field duties in January, 2013. He said Bradway’s death “…opens up wounds from a year ago for sure.”

He said he understood what Bradway would’ve been thinking during his final moments and called him a “hero” for putting his life at risk to protect someone else. Fox said that is what wearing a badge truly means and what Bradway did until his last breath.

“We are trained the will to fight. Even if it is a fatal wound, you’re still taught to fight to the end,” he said.