IMPD, ATF search for origin of suspect’s gun in Bradway shooting

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INDIANAPOLIS – The search for the origin of the gun used to killed an IMPD officer continues.

Indianapolis Metropolitan police detectives and agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are tracing the serial numbers of two guns discovered in the possession of Steven Byrdo after he fatally ambushed Officer Rod Bradway Friday morning.

Bradway was shot to death as he rushed inside an apartment on the city’s northwest side to rescue a woman and her baby who were being held hostage.

Byrdo was shot to death by a back-up officer.

Detective Tom Lehn said Byrdo was armed with two guns.

As a convicted felon released from prison earlier this summer after serving time for a cocaine conviction, Byrdo could not legally possess a firearm.

The last IMPD officer to die in the line of duty, Patrolman David Moore in January 2011, was also killed by a felon with an illegal gun.

Thomas Hardy is serving life without parole for that killing.

Eric “Boo” Jenkins was sentenced to 57 months in prison for trading Hardy that gun for cocaine the morning before the killing.

“The message goes forth…if you are involved in any way in the shooting death or shooting of a law enforcement official, whether you pulled the trigger or not, you will be held accountable for that action,” said U.S Attorney Joseph Hogsett after the Jenkins sentencing.

Hogsett said that when he came into office two years ago, annual gun possession prosecutions numbered in the single digits.

Now Hogsett’s office pursues dozens of local gun possession cases each year.

The U.S Attorney has also successfully prosecuted two other suspects for providing weapons used to injure or kill police officers in Indiana in the last two years.