MRSA case confirmed at Mooresville High School

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Mooresville High School officials are warning parents about a confirmed case of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus or MRSA.

The student is a member of the football team.

MRSA is a skin infection that is resistant to some antibiotics.

Officials said they have ordered additional cleaning of the football locker room, the weight room and locker room areas.

The school has offered the following guidelines:

“Please help us prevent the occurrence of this and other skin infections by: encouraging your child to shower using soap after every practice and event; reminding your child not to share towels/clothing with others; regularly washing your child’s athletic equipment and clothing; and reminding students to immediately let parents, coaches or health personnel know of any skin lesions they may have. Our athletic department and custodial staffs will continue to take extra precautions in the cleaning of the locker room areas as well as with any team or shared

“More information about preventing the spread of MRSA is available from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): as well as the Indiana State Department of Health:”

You can read the full statement online:

Earlier this month, Carmel reported two confirmed cases of MRSA. Officials have not said if the incidents are related.