Six kids taken from flea, roach-infested home

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Child Protective Services took six children from a southwest side home Sunday night, where conditions were described as filthy and unhealthy.

Neighbors told FOX59 they’d been reporting the home for months. Samantha Carrillo, who lives next door, said the kids would often come to her house for help.

“Multiple times they’ve come over here and said, ‘Could you cook this for us? Could we use your microwave? Could we use your laundry room?’” Carrillo said.

A police report revealed that an officer checking the home found staples sticking out of the floor and “razor blades, saws, a hammer and various other tools” in a front room.

“(It was) infested with fleas and cockroaches, with very little food and most of the food was rotten,” that police report also stated.

The officer even found cockroaches in the refrigerator, along with a used condom on a child’s bed.

“To have a child come to my house and say ‘We’re hungry, we haven’t (eaten)’ and for me to have to cook for them and give them showers and things like that, it did worry me,” Carrillo said.

Both parents are deaf. FOX59 spoke to the father, Gerry Miles, with the help of a friend.

“(We) tried to remodel the house and put walls up,” Miles said.

Miles admitted the conditions inside the home were not good.

“It’s not safe for the kids, it has fleas and cockroaches and all that kind of stuff,” Miles said.

Miles said his children are now in the care of relatives. FOX59 asked him if they were being taken care of and he said they are.

No charges have been filed against the parents so far.