Leave your condolences for family, colleagues of Officer Bradway

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[[CLICK HERE to write your condolences to the family and colleagues of fallen IMPD Officer Rod Bradway.]]

Below are just some of the condolences submitted on our Facebook page.

Dutch Cobb: R.I.P to Officer Bradway and thank you for your service protecting citizens from being harmed or in further danger. I pray for your wife and kids, also your loved ones. Thank you.

Sherie Little: Today by many are saddened by the lose of Officer Bradway. Don’t be, he will always be with you, watching over you and protecting you. Just remember, once a police officer, always a police officer. I can assure you Rod is already in heaven and has continued his duty for God. RIP OFFICER BRADWAY, you will be deeply missed!

James Miller: Today reminds me just how easy it is for life to be taken away in an instant and just how much law enforcement officers put on the line. On behalf of the staff at Agent Black Hosting, Thank you Officer Bradway for your service, your courage, your caring heart, and in the end, your ultimate sacrifice in serving our community. May you be forever lifted in the arms of our Lord and may you continue to stand watch at the gates of Heaven.

Donna Thrasher: To the family of Officer Bradway. Someone told me once that every moment your thoughts are with him he also is thinking of you. This has been very consoling for me and I hope is is for you too. God Bless all of your family during this trying time. The Thrasher Family

Jennifer Lasley: Listening and watching this morning to remember a fallen hero! I come from a family where i have two family members that wear that badge of honor and have been thru good times and tragedies. My uncle has been shot in line of duty and he survived. We have seen the outpouring of family and that band of brothers and sisters. My heart goes out to the Bradway family . I worry everyday about my brother and uncle but know that they are doing what they love and have been educated and trained well. Officer Broadway was an amazing officer and is nothing short of why every man and woman choose to serve and protect that thin blue line!

Merri A. Taylor:  So sad, and all I can think of is that my son is an officer in Westfield and I hope to never have to go through something like this for him! Prayers and thanks to all officers all over the country

Erika Ferrell: Heavy and sad hearts, not only in my home, but thousands everywhere. Rest in heaven Officer Bradway. Praying for your beautiful family and the IMPD family. You have touched so many lives. As well as having a huge impact in this community. I’m watching YOUR goodbye on TV today. WOW! How amazing!! Only it’s not a goodbye, it’s a welcome to your new home! May you fly high and continue to protect and serve. God bless!!

Anthony Fetzer: I just wanna thank officer bradway for his courage to protect and service our country

Debra Sue Chandler: God has called another angel home. Thank you Officer Bradway for being a part of all the lives that you protected and then being called home. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and may God be with all of them during this time. You are now in God’s hand so we all know that again, we have another angel watching over all of them. RIP and thanks again.

Amy Edwards: Keeping the Bradway family and friends in prayer today. My heart breaks for his wife and children. May God Bless your family. Thank you Fox News for airing his services today. It gives many a chance that want to be there but cannot be there in person to at least view from home and be part of the services today.

Wetzel Regina: Our thoughts & prayers go out to Officer Bradway & his family . Just remember he is an Angel now flying high guiding you through watching over you . God Bless you all!! #atrueherofallin

Denise Schmaltz: RIP Officer Bradway. I did not know you personally but as my tears fall for you and your loved ones I feel as though I did. You are a true HERO!

Becka Oberle: My heart breaks for this officers family and fellow officers. I am so grateful for your service and courage. May you rest in the arms of God and fly free of all earthy fears and pain. May God be with your family as they face life without you my thought and prayers are with you and your family. Forever in all our hearts.

Dianna Raimondi: Remember the sun is shining on this day for you and your family. It is welcoming your loved one home. God bless you and your family.

Stephanie Conover: “We knew Rod from Decatur Soccer. We didn’t even know he was a police officer until we heard the news. He was by far THE BEST referee EVER in soccer. He was always on it, making good calls, and treating ALL players with respect. I’m sure he was only half at good as reffing as he was as an IMPD Officer. Extremely GREAT GUY all around and will be missed sorely. I will continue to keep him and his family in my prayers. God Bless and may your life be filled with many good memories of a wonderful Father, Husband, Friend, and Citizen. Deepest regrets, The Conover Family <3”

Darlene Colins: “I’am So Sad Today The Family And City Has Lost A Hero And Gained An Angle You Are All In My Thought And Prayers”

Teresa Armstrong: “I would like to say thank you to officer BRADWAY for being a hero but most of all would like to say thank you to officer Bradways wife for you to are a hero not only did you lose a hero you lost a husband and a father to your children so thank you my thoughts and prayers are with you.”

Tammy Ward: ”R.I.P. officer Bradway, may the lord give your family, friends, and fellow officers comfort as they celebrate your life today.”

Kellie Cronley: “Many thoughts and prayers for Officer Bradway’s family, friends and all of his fellow officers. Very sad day as we mourn the loss of another officer who protects us with their life, saves our lives. A true Hero in all of our eyes…”

Marcia Tyson: “Condolences to the family of Officer Bradway. May God grant his family peace and strength in their time of sorrow.”

Jason Leisure:” Officer Rod Bradway will be missed. And he has shown that no matter what police Department they serve all Officers are true heros.”

Tanesha McGowan: “condolences to your wife and children and just to let you know you were and still are a blessing to the indpls community.”

Carla Huston: “To the Family of Officer Bradway, Thank you for the service of your loved one. Your entire family is in the thoughts and prayers of our family. Please know that Officer Bradway died a hero and you should be proud of him. There is no greater sacrifice in the world than to give your life for your fellow man, and in this case for a mother and her child. Thank you for your service to Indianapolis and the people of this community have been blessed by your service! You and your character will surely be missed. May God bless you and comfort!”