Car crashes into south side home as family sleeps inside

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A Cadillac came crashing through the living room of a south side home at about 4 a.m. Wednesday. A woman and her two daughters were sleeping inside at the time but no one was in the living room.

“The whole house shook,” said Danielle Freeman, who ran toward the living room to see what had happened after first thinking her house was on fire because the smoke alarm was going off and there was dust everywhere. She knew her daughters were still in their rooms because their bedroom doors were still closed. She said she called out to the two people who were inside the car, asking them if they were okay, but could not get to them because there was so much debris around the.m

She called 911 and Indianapolis Fire Department crews worked to get the two people out of the car. Firefighters also had to put in temporary support beams while pulling the people out of the car, to keep the roof from caving in.

Freeman’s daughters, ages four and six, slept through the crash. They were most concerned about their toys and their puppy Duchess being okay, Freeman said.

‘”In all honesty I’m just glad it didn’t happen last night, instead of the middle of the night, because we had a girl scouts troop meeting here last night, so I’m just really glad it didn’t happen last night when everybody was here,” said Freeman.

She also said the girls’ father, who lives in the home, works third shift and wasn’t home yet. Usually when he gets home around 7 a.m. he sits in the living room and watches television.

The man and woman in the Cadillac were alert and talking after the crash, said Bonnie Hensley with IFD. They were transported to Wishard Memorial Hospital where blood draws will likely be performed to determine if the driver was intoxicated. Metro Police will take over the investigation into the people in the car.

Hensley said it looked like the car came through two lawns first, hitting a stop sign, a flag pole, and crossing over Keystone Avenue before careening into the living room of the home.

The damage is estimated at about 175,000 dollars and fire crews said the home is unlivable right now. They worked to shore up the damage to keep the roof from fully collapsing.

Freeman said their insurance adjuster would be out later Wednesday. In the meantime, their next-door neighbors were opening up their home to them.