Indy waits for word on fate of Super Bowl bid

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by Lindy Thackston

WASHINGTON, DC – Owners of all 32 NFL teams are in Washington, D.C., for their fall meetings. While there, they’ll decide which cities make the short list of contenders for the 2018 Super Bowl.

Indianapolis announced its bid in August. All 32 franchise cities were invited to fill out a simple questionnaire to officially submit candidacy to host. Six cities submitted bids, including Miami, Tampa, New Orleans, Dallas and Minneapolis, according to

The owners will narrow down that list to just a few, and those few cities will be invited to put together a bid to present to the owners next May.

While the owners decide if Indianapolis can have a shot to do it again, people on their lunch breaks downtown relived the 2012 game in Lucas Oil Stadium and the party in Super Bowl Village.

“It was wonderful,” said Carlyle Hill. “It was fun. I loved every minute of it.”

Hill was inside the stadium. In fact, he might’ve shown you to your seat if you went to the big game.

“I made sure they got everything they wanted!” said Hill.

Just steps away from Hill, we met David Barrionuevo from New York City. He’s a diehard Seahawks fan and was in Indianapolis for Sunday’s game against the Colts. He wasn’t a fan of the final score, but the city definitely won him over.

“I have friends back home that went to the Super Bowl last time it was in Indy and they said they had an awesome time,” said Barrionuevo. “They had an incredible time. Everybody’s welcoming and hospitable so I can definitely see why they’d want to have the Super Bowl here again.”

Allison Melangton, Indiana Sports Corp president and formerly the president/CEO of the 2012 Super Bowl Host Committee, said she expects an answer from the nation’s capital sometime late Tuesday. Melangton said the process is different this time than back in 2008 when Indianapolis first placed a bid. Now, cities don’t have to waste time and money putting together a bid until they’ve been narrowed down to a finalist stage. She said she is really appreciative of the new process.

The bid includes an in-depth response to the requirements for the event and a presentation at the May 2014 NFL Owners Meeting. The 32 NFL owners will vote on the host city for the 2018 Super Bowl at that meeting in May 2014.

According to Indiana Sports Corp, “The impact of the NFL and Super Bowl XLVI was felt not only in the Indianapolis area, but around the state. The economic impact study for Super Bowl XLVI, researched and completed by Rockport Analytics, concludes that the Indianapolis metro area experienced significant economic boost as a result of ten days of visitor activity. The report highlights include total gross expenditures of $384 million, resulting in a direct economic impact from Super Bowl XLVI of $176 million. It also is impressive that estimated Super Bowl-related spending that originated from outside of the Indianapolis metro area was estimated at $342 million. About 84 cents of every dollar spent for Super Bowl XLVI was retained in Indianapolis.”