Halloween attractions vet employees to keep visitors safe

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– As thrill seekers head out to local haunts, some area Halloween attractions are taking important steps to make sure everyone is safe.

“We’re gonna do our best to scare you,” said Steven Walls, owner of Necropolis, located off Shadeland Avenue.

The attraction is in its 23rd year, and Walls said it takes about 125 people to operate.

“I go from zero to 125 very quickly,” said Walls, who promises underneath those masks, those employees are not monsters.

That’s because, he insists, he thoroughly inspects their background.

“They go through an interview process with me personally and then they’ll go through an orientation and we will do background checks on people.”

He also added that there is a no touching policy. However, there’s no guarantee visitors won’t be touched by props.

At Indy Scream Park, managers have ensured workers are not registered sex offenders, have a criminal record or any warrants. They also go the extra step to develop a personal relationship with each of their 200 employees to catch anything under the radar.

“Cell phones, emails, talk to them on a daily basis, hang out with them,” explained manager Marcus Poulin.

Poulin added if he were a parent, he would be looking into an attraction’s hiring policies because not every haunted house or corn maze owner checks out who they hire.

“They’ve gotta trust us,” said Walls. “That, you know, what we’re doing here is frightening to a lot of people and that they’re going to be safe while they’re going through.”


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