Drivers should watch out for more than traffic this Thanksgiving

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WESTFIELD – The roads proved more than just busy on the busiest travel day of the year Wednesday.

Along a busy stretch of U.S. 31 in Westfield, Trooper Adam Duffitt and 13 fellow officers made stop after stop.

“Mostly speed, but we’re also getting unsafe lane movements (and) seatbelt violations,” Duffitt said.

Indiana State Police have increased patrols through Sunday, as traffic picks up and there is a higher risk of drunk drivers.

“You’ll have family coming up, so more people will be together, more bad decisions will be made,” Duffitt said.

In just four hours, Duffitt and other officers handed out more than 100 tickets. Some cost drivers upwards of $400.

“Everybody’s in a hurry and they’re not always as careful as they should be,” driver Annette Hesters said.

Hesters and other drivers said they had noticed heavier traffic and in some areas, snow also provided an additional problem.

“I do worry about other people on the road driving, because if people are not as experienced or anything like that, it can cause you to have an accident,” driver Clarence Lyles said.

State Police warn you to take the extra time to get to your destination safely. They won’t hesitate to hand out tickets to drivers who don’t obey the law.

“Take your time. Don’t be in a hurry and make sure you do pay attention, because there’s going to be a lot more traffic than what you’re used to,” Duffitt said.