Lake effect snow could impact some drivers holiday travels

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Lake effect warnings and advisories posted for North indiana

Travelers heading north along Lake Michigan should keep on the lookout for lake effect snow bands that could impact travel.  If you’ve never run into lake effect snow while traveling the main danger comes from conditions changing in an extremely short amount of time.  This gives drivers not prepared for the change just seconds before they go from dry pavement to potentially snow and ice covered roads that will be slick.

Besides that things are looking pretty good for holiday drivers.  The lake effect snow impact should mainly be felt for places along Lake Michigan.  I do have some concerns that some


Be prepared for quick changes in driving conditions

of the snow could potentially float to I-69 or I-65.  I know state road crews are prepared for this but just giving another reminder to be prepared for those rapid changes that could occur.

If you’re flying to family today Midwest destination airports will see minimal weather delays, but I do have some concerns along the east coast as a nor’easter has developed bringing pockets of heavy snow and gusty winds to places like New York City, Boston and Washington DC.  Travelers heading to the East Coast may want to check to see if their flight is running on time.  Enjoy the holiday and leave me some turkey if you’d like!