Notre Dame expanding its football stadium; not just for football

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (Feb. 2, 2014) — The green, gold and “touchdown Jesus” are all part of the Notre Dame experience.

But the house that Rockne Built is about to get bigger, and it’s not all for football.

A rendering of the ‘new’ Notre Dame Stadium shows three buildings will go up on the south, west and east sides with construction starting in the next two years.

Those buildings will house some of the University’s academic programs, ranging from performing arts to humanities as well as club level stadium seats and even a ballroom.

“Notre Dame wasn’t going to do it cheaply,” said Russ Dodge a Notre Dame alumnus. “I knew that.  So the price tag did not surprise me.”

Dodge says this is a bold move by his alma mater and one he agrees with.

“I’ve heard the concerns.  I don’t agree with them,” Dodge said. “I think this is a very good thing for the university to be able to do.”

Dodge says some fans fear added technology like video monitors may change the stadium experience, but the University says video will be introduced though they’re not releasing specifics.

Regardless, Dodge says this expansion is a major step forward, one that’s the result of vision and not simply ‘luck of the Irish.”

“To have classrooms, meeting spaces, practice facilities, to have the music areas over there as well. That’s all great and it will just make that part of campus a more central part of what’s going on at the University.” Dodge said.