DPW working to clear roads as more snow comes to central Indiana

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INDIANAPOLIS – The Department of Public Works plans to activate its crews Saturday morning because central Indiana will get snow again.

Public Information Officer Lesley Gordon said their crews will work 12 hour shifts and rotate until necessary.

“We’re definitely working hard. We are doing our best to make sure that our streets are safe. We just want resident(s) to work with us. We realize there are a few areas that we’re still following up on, but really compared to previous snow removals, when we had to go in residential (areas), this time we had significcantly fewer complaints. And, we’re able to touch a lot more streets,” Gordon said.

Gordon said they are reviewing the complaints they have received.

For the upcoming snow storm, DPW crews will not go through residential streets because it is not supposed to snow as much as it did on Tuesday. This weekend, crews will work on main and secondary roads.  After Tuesday’s snow storm, DPW crews covered many roads, including residential streets.

“Our goal as a city was to make those roads passable and to get the accumulation down as low as we could and take it as far to each curb as we could,” Gordon said.

Driving around today, some roads were clearer than others. DPW encourages everyone to work together. Gordon said it is the responsibility of residents to clear sidewalks near their homes and businesses to clear sidewalks near their stores.

“We encourage residents to make sure those sidewalks are cleared and access ramps and if they can get with their community to help clear out more snow that’d be great,” Gordon said.