Man gives back to family of deceased father after snow plow crash

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INDIANAPOLIS – The tragic story of a snow plow contractor killed on the job has moved many in our community. On Wednesday, we told you about the traffic accident that killed Donovan Snider at 65th Street and Allisonville Road.

Donovan Snider ran a red light. His family said he’d been up all night plowing streets and likely fell asleep at the wheel.

Thursday night, his family told us the single father of two had no insurance. Since our story aired, the family raised more than $20,000 for funeral expenses.

Remarkably, one of those donations came from someone else in the crash.

From inside his Lawrence home, Edwin Garcia is grateful he’s alive.

“That could’ve been me,” he said.

Garcia was in the passenger seat of the Classic Cleaners van Wednesday when Donovan Snider ran a red light in his snow plow truck and crashed.

Garcia’s van got hit, but he wasn’t seriously hurt.

The story could end there, a father thankful he was spared. But it doesn’t.

“All my family came to my mind, thinking about them. I just had a baby two weeks ago,” he said, “I still have boys with me. Money is just money.”

Garcia is a father of two boys, just like Donovan Snider. Thursday he decided to donate to the family’s cause, leaving a small message on their Go-Fund-Me page, with a pledge of $500.

“I feel sorry for these boys, for their loss. They don’t have their dad anymore, so to give them what I probably make for a week, it’s nothing compared to what they lost,” he said.

Garcia said he had no second thoughts about his gift to the family. It was just the right thing to do.

The selfless act touched Donovan Snider’s sister Christina.

“The fact that he reached out and did all that, he’s forever imprinted in my heart,” she said.

So, Friday night the two families met. They talked about the crash, cried, and answered questions.

Both resolve this won’t be their only meeting, an unexpected end to a heart-wrenching crash.

“We are going to make it happen,” said Snider.

Funeral arrangements should be complete on Sunday. The family raised more than $20,000. Any excess funds will go into accounts for Donovan Snider’s teenage boys. 

You can donate to the family by clicking here.