Police: Fishers man had large stash of steroids

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FISHERS (Feb. 7, 2014) – A Fishers man was arrested after police uncovered a large stash of steroids in his home.

Robert Fenner, 40, faces three counts of dealing anabolic steroids (class C felony), three counts of possession of anabolic steroids (class D felony) and a count of illegal possession of a syringe (class D felony).


Photo from Hamilton/Boone County Drug Task Force

On Thursday, officers from the Hamilton/Boone County Drug Task Force served a search warrant in the 12000 block of Pebble Street in Fishers. Inside, they found 3,500 anabolic steroids in pill form, 158 vials of liquid anabolic steroids and $3,500 in cash. The steroids are valued at $15,000, police said.

It’s one of the largest such busts in the area in recent years, according to task force officials. Fenner’s arrest followed a three-month investigation. He was taken to the Hamilton County Jail.