Race for next Marion County Sheriff heating up

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INDIANAPOLIS – The Marion County Sheriff’s race is heating up. Friday was the last day for candidates to make sure they are involved in the primary.

“If your responsibilities have been reduced, and your budget continues to grow then something is not right. I’d say its a mismanagement of money,” said Emmitt Carney, Marion County Sheriff’s sole Republican candidate.

Carney, a 31-year law enforcement veteran, who last post was with ATF, is criticizing Sheriff John Layton, (D) for overspending and taking money away from an undermanned IMPD. He claims IMPD deserves a better partner agency.

“The mayor, who is a Republican, has signed off on my budget every year because he gets it. It`s the political pundits who don`t get it, who need to throw it against the wall to see if it’ll stick,” said Sheriff Layton.

Layton just celebrated 40 years with the sheriff’s office. He argues bigger budgets are simply paying for the increasing costs to run a crowded jail.
He also argues, the sheriff’s office does plenty to support IMPD, specifically with their manpower. One of the examples he gave are his deputies who drive the 30 plus jail wagons.

The candidates, again, are also talking about the tension between the sheriff’s office and IMPD.

“That partnership has to happen, and we need to check our egos at the door,” said democratic challenger Mark Brown. He ran and lost to Layton in the last election.
He said even though he may not have his parties endorsement, he is not giving up yet.

“There needs to be more attention to detail, monitoring, be more involved to know your people,” said Carney about concerns raised about deputy misconduct.

“Because I take quick action, decisive action, and get the problems out of here, these guys want to say he has problems at the sheriff’s office,” said Sheriff Layton.

Layton raised more than four times the amount of money Carney raised in 2013. Still, both men continue to fundraise.