Weekend snow, resurgent cold – and rewriting the winter record books

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Clouds will increase late Friday night stopping the temperature drop and bringing a chance of snow showers after 3 AM.  The departure of arctic air and a flattening of the jet stream will allow a couple of minor weather systems to affect the area.  The first arrive Saturday with scattered snow showers – likely to be off and on through day.  Little to no accumulation is expected area wide Saturday.  A second batch of energy will rise in from the west late Saturday night increasing snowfall chances here by Sunday morning.  This system has a little more upper air support and may deposit a band of accumulating snow through the heart of the state.  The average of 6 snowfall bearing computer models place 1.2” of snow down in the city.  A band of 2” snow is possible with a few local reports of up to 3” cannot be ruled out.

fox futurecast

RPM Model forecast clouds and radar Sunday morning


Snowfall Potential


Late Thursday night the mercury dipped to -3° before midnight and bottomed out at -7° at 8:20 AM.  A total of 10 calendar days have gone below zero this season – most in a winter in 24 years!

Spotter Reports

Other Area low temperatures Friday morning


The average temperature since December 1st is 24.9° – 12th coldest on record and the coldest winter since 1981-1982.  67% of the days this winter have been below normal with 21 of the past 24 days below normal.


We enter the weekend as the 7th snowiest winter on record with 44.5” of snow so far this season – only .3” shy of 6th place 1974.  8.7” of snow has fallen already in this young February, a record setter – most to fall in the first week of a February ever!


Does it seem like that snow pile hasn’t gone away and that snow has been in your yard for a very long time?  You’re absolutely right!  As of Friday morning we have reported a trace or more of snow on the ground officially for the city every day this year except one – January 1st.  38 straight days with a trace of snow and officially we have had .1″ of snow or more on the ground for 22 straight days – that ties for the 11th longest stretch on record.  The record 61 days ended March 14th, 1978.


We will open next week cold with resurgent arctic air  coming here behind Sunday’s snowfall – possibly taking us below zero again early Tuesday morning.  The early forecast is for -8° in the city by Tuesday morning.

Euro Weather map Monday 2-10


The active southern jet stream (the wet one) will bear close watching through much of next week.  Hints of a system Wednesday seem to be fading as computers are aligning, taking the storm south – stay tuned these tracks at this distance will change and I’m not ready to write it of just yet.  There are indications off the Euro model of another system late next Friday night and next weekend.  It looks wet and will have enough cold air to heighten winter storm potential in the Ohio Valley.  How much cold air will be resolved in the days ahead and whether or not the computers hold on to the storm.  We will update early next week.