Global campaign to protect internet users launches Tuesday

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Tuesday is Safer Internet Day, a global campaign to protect internet users and make technology more secure.

“To provide family and consumers alike with more information about how to protect themselves online and how to protect themselves more efficiently,” said Ryan Kline, the assistant store manager at the Microsoft Store at the Fashion Mall.

This year, Microsoft is hosting events at stores around the country to help people learn about security features and new technology.

Windows 8 offers parental control settings like time limits, gaming restrictions and parental consent before application downloads. Those settings can be linked between a family’s devices for all users including phones, tablets and Xbox consoles. Parents can sign up for mobile or email alerts about their children’s online activity.

“It’s going to relay back and send you hourly updates about usage, if you decide to turn that feature on,” Kline said.

He said all internet users should be mindful of secure access points.

“So if you’re out at a McDonald’s or Starbucks and you want to access a public WiFi it’s good to only do basic browsing when you’re out in those areas. You don’t want to access maybe online banking or personalized social sites that may expose your information,” said Kline.

The Microsoft Store at The Fashion Mall is offering free sessions for people who want to learn more about security settings on their devices, how to build a better password, how to restrict websites from their children’s devices, and other topics. The sessions start at noon Tuesday. Customers are encouraged to bring in their own devices to learn more about specific security features.

Microsoft is asking people to “Do 1 Thing” to make their internet use safer. When people post using #Do1Thing on Twitter or Facebook, Microsoft will make a donation to the non-profit TechSoup Global.