Young Hoosier group joins fight to support same-sex marriage ban

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Indianapolis, IN (Feb. 11, 2014) — While Indiana’s same-sex marriage ban moves through the Indiana statehouse, there’s a new grassroots movement emerging.

Young Hoosiers for Marriage announced its support for HJR3 Tuesday afternoon.

“The media claims we don’t exist. Freedom Indiana claims there are none of us left,” said Shane Weist, a Young Hoosiers for Marriage volunteer. “But as young Hoosiers, we are here today.”

The coalition formed about a month ago over Facebook posts on the controversial amendment. Dozens of college students and young professionals gathered at the statehouse to push legislators to pass HJR3 and restore the second sentence that would prohibit civil unions.

“Marriage is not something that changes with each generation. It is timeless,” said Julie Kitchel, a junior at Purdue University. “We stand for the truth. We should seek to protect and strengthen marriage, not undermine it.”

Their launch comes a day after the Senate Rules Committee voted to send the controversial amendment to the Full Senate. Opponents believe the bill that passed in its amended version is a step in the right direction.

“We’re going to be here until HJR3 is dead,” said Megan Robertson of Freedom Indiana. “We’ve literally been here the first time during the organization day in November. We had our people here. We really haven’t stopped and that’s because of the amazing support we’ve gotten from our grassroots campaign.”

The Senate could be weighing in on HJR3 as early as Thursday. A final vote may come as soon as next Monday.