Facebook posts challenge suspect’s alibi in relation to quadruple murder

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INDIANAPOLIS – The four people charged in connection with the quadruple drug murders on Indianapolis’ southside last week face their initial hearings Friday as investigators spend more time filling in the details of the probable cause affidavit they hope will send the alleged killers to prison for decades.

During a court-granted 72-hour continuance, detectives typically keep suspects separated inside the Marion County Jail as they begin to compare alibis.

Upon his departure from court Tuesday, Kenneth “Cody” Rackemann told Fox 59 News that he was at a Greenwood restaurant in the hours before the bodies were discovered, an account echoed by his sister Nikki Trotter in person and on her Facebook page.

Within minutes of our report Wednesday afternoon, three Facebook pages associated with Rackemann, including Bobbie Rackemann’s which urged, “#FREECODY”, were taken down.

During a continuance and before the charging information becomes public, detectives often try to convince suspects and witnesses to give accounts of their knowledge of the case.

Anthony Larussa, one of the four suspects, is charged with robbery which may indicate he was aware of the plot to rob Walter Burnell and three friends of cash under the guise of a drug deal but was not at the Parker Avenue home or chose not to participate in the killings.

Samantha Bradley and Valencia Williams are also charged in the case which took the lives of Burnell, Jacob Rodemich, Kristy Mae Sanchez and Hayley Navarra.

Williams and her attorney are seeking to separate her case from the co-defendants.

One viewer told Fox 59 News that detectives had taken DNA swabs from her brother which is a typical investigative technique as prosecutors try to determine who may have handled the gun or guns used in the slayings.

The resident of a west side apartment complex told Fox 59 News how he discovered evidence from the Burnell house, including a cell phone, laptop computer, clothes, keys, a wallet and an identification card less than two days after the murders and that detectives returned to his neighborhood February 23rd to seek more evidence while they were rounding up suspects.

It’s possible a tip provided police with the names of suspects and witnesses in the case as investigators will try to determine if any of four alleged killers frequented the apartment complex.

Several people were questioned and released in the initial investigation and its possible there are other witnesses who may be unaccounted for as they attempt to avoid investigators or others in the community who believe they are complicit in the killings.