FOX59 celebrates International Day of Happiness

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 20, 2014) – As the world celebrated the International Day of Happiness Thursday, FOX59 paid it forward on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis.

The United Nations codified March 20 as the International Day of Happiness to promote positivity and spreading joy to others.  It coincides with the first day of spring.

“Science shows that happiness grows when you share it, right?” said Joseph Panetta of Live Happy Magazine.  “So it’s not like money or fame: The more of it you give away, the more happy you become.  And as opposed to random acts of kindness, what we’re suggesting is to do them with intention.”

FOX59 is spending the morning on Monument Circle encouraging others to write on our Wall of Happiness with comments about what makes them happy and how they help make others happy.  Viewers can also comment on the station’s Facebook page.

After the long winter, experts said it would be easy for people to get down because they couldn’t necessarily be as active as they’re used to and staying active can play a big role in happiness.

“As far as everybody getting happy, our goal is always get people to happy.  Everybody has different barriers, so it can be difficult to get there, but it is essentially possible,” said St. Vincent Hospital social worker Kristin Trainor.