Ind. Department of Revenue finds $2.8M in fraudulent tax returns

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INDIANAPOLIS (April 1, 2014) – The Indiana Department of Revenue is watching tax returns closely—and the agency says it’s found more than $2.8 million in fraudulent returns.

The department’s Special Investigations Unit said 1,533 individual tax returns were attempts at identity theft. In those cases, thieves tried to steal $2,850,000 from Hoosier taxpayers and the state. SIU plans to prosecute those responsible.

Commissioner Mike Alley said the extensive anti-fraud effort shows significant improvements in stopping ID theft and tax fraud.

Part of the department’s Identity Protection Program involves asking some taxpayers to take a quiz to confirm their identities. The two-minute test asks four questions that only the respondent would know the answers to. Only five percent of Hoosiers taxpayers are asked to take the quiz, and officials said the measure provides an additional layer of protection.

Hoosiers asked to take the quiz have to finish it in order to get their tax refund to process. Respondents have 30 days to complete it. The earlier you fill it out, the more quickly your refund will be processed. After completion, refunds are sent within 14 days if filed electronically and up to 12 weeks if filed by paper.

The quiz is administered via phone or the state’s secure website.

Hoosiers in need of advice on how to protect their identities can visit the department’s Stop ID theft website. The Attorney General also offers an ID Theft Protection Tool Kit, which is available here.