CAN’T MISS | Man’s breastfeeding campaign goes viral

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(April 1, 2014) – A Tennessee dad’s campaign to get fathers more involved in breastfeeding is going viral.

Hector Cruz started the movement when his wife was pregnant and he wasn’t allowed to go to her breastfeeding classes.

“We had a lot of issues, and I did not know how to help,” Cruz said. “I felt frustrated, confused and completely helpless at that point. I knew if I felt that way, there were many other fathers facing that same struggle.”

Cruz’s solution? He used his skills as a photographer to take pictures of men holding infants. Some of the men agreed to do it shirtless. Cruz—who lives in what he describes as a military town—was surprised at the number of men who felt the same way and volunteered for the campaign.

Cruz said his goal isn’t just to get people talking but to engage and educate other fathers. He hopes the pictures help get rid of the stigma associated with breastfeeding in public.