Paralyzed teen takes ESPN host to prom

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ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. (April 28, 2014) – A Minnesota teenager brought a special date to the prom this year—ESPN’s Michelle Beadle.

Jack Jablonski was paralyzed during a hockey game in 2011. In March, he asked Beadle if she’d go to prom with him during a radio interview. She said yes, and Jablonski escorted her to prom Saturday night at Benilde-St. Margaret’s School in St. Louis Park, a Minneapolis suburb.

“When I look at my calendar, Saturdays are mostly free, so I said I know I’m free on that Saturday so I could definitely make it,” Beadle said.

“I can’t thank her enough for coming through with this,” Jablonski said.

Beadle had dinner with Jablonski’s family, participated in the school’s grand march and took a bus to the prom with other students and their dates.

Beadle said she admires Jablonski for smiling through adversity. Jablonski, who wants to pursue a career in sports media, said he wanted to end high school on a high note.

Beadle tweeted from the event this weekend: