Storms fire up again this afternoon, bringing risk of severe weather

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Severe Outlook 2We started the day with plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures.  That sunshine will help our temperatures climb very quickly today and we should top out at 75°F this afternoon.  This is a huge contrast to the conditions we saw on Monday. The cloud cover we saw yesterday limited how much energy we could build and it stifled our severe weather chance. That will not be the case today because we are already looking at sunshine and this means that more energy and fuel will build for our afternoon storms.


The Storm Prediction Center included us in a slight risk of severe weather again today.  But it doesn’t include our very western counties.  This slight risk area starts around Lafayette to Bloomington and all points to the east.  As you can see in the picture above, Indianapolis is in the risk area again today.  Again, it is possible that today’s storms pack more of a punch than what we saw on Monday. We are looking at storms that could produce:


  • Large hail
  • Damaging winds
  • Isolated tornadoes
  • Frequent lightning
  • Heavy downpours/Isolated flash flooding


Skies remain mostly clear the rest of this morning and into the early afternoon hours.  But around 2-3 PM, clouds will start pushing in and isolated showers and thunderstorms will start popping up across the state.  This is not associated with a front, but rather storm activity driven by daytime heating.  This means that the storms won’t be in an organized line but instead widely scattered. Storms will move from southwest to northeast as they pop up. Often times it just takes the right temperature to get these storms to fire up. For us today, that’s between 70-72°F, so keep an eye on the temperature too! It’s important to keep an eye on the radar today and to check in with us as we broadcast between 4-7 PM today. The chance for storms will continue until midnight.


Radar by 8 PM | Widely scattered showers and storms