Another cloudy but mild day expected

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Small Regional Radar

Similar to yesterday we will start the day with some sunshine

The pesky upper low continues to make waves across the Midwest as our weather pattern remains unsettled and cooler than the 30-year average.  Morning lows will be refreshing as you step out the door with lows falling to just below 40 degrees.  We’ve cleared out once again but expect to see plenty of clouds throughout the day with some sunshine.  Clouds and the airmass that is currently in place will make it tough to hit 60 degrees.  We are forecasting a high in the upper 50s.  The 30-year average high is 68 degrees.

While data does show the area receiving about two-hundredths of an inch of rain Thursday, it appears similar to yesterday that dew points will be too low (dry at the surface) to see anything other than light sprinkles during the day today.  Overnight tonight we will have a better chance for seeing some light rain as the difference from the dew point to the temperature is smaller (dew point depression).  This means less evaporation will take place while rain droplets are falling to the ground.  Light rain will be possible.


I don’t think we get even close over the next 7 days but here’s the streak as it stands today

Friday will be similar with temperatures slightly warmer.  I think we hit the 60s.  I also think Friday will have a slightly better chance for rain.  The rain chance is still low, however.  Overall our rain chances both today and Friday will be overnight tonight.

Model data shows a slow warming trend heading into the weekend and continuing next work week.  Weekend highs will be near 70 degrees with a still unsettled (low rain chance) pattern in place.  I think we will see a sun/cloud mix both days.

Next work week looks spectacular.  Highs each day should be near 80 degrees.  We may hit 80 degrees on Wednesday or Thursday.  It will be close.  It looks like rain chances stay away.  Just a quick heads up, late next week’s set-up is conducive for a heavy rain set-up.  Next weekend could be a wet one.  We will be monitoring it.  Enjoy your day!