Dogs kept alive after supposed euthanization

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FORT WORTH, Texas (May 1, 2014) – A Fort Worth veterinarian is accused of keeping dogs alive after they were supposed to be euthanized.

The dog at the center of the allegations is a 5-year old Leonberger named Sid.

According to Sid’s owners, the Harris family, Dr. Tierce told them their beloved dog had an incurable condition, and he would need to be euthanized.

However, former employee at the clinic Mary Brewer said she saw Sid six months after he was supposed to be put to sleep.

According to Sid’s owners, their dog was being kept alive for blood transfusions and other experimental treatments.

After a complaint was filed by the Harris family, Fort Worth police and medical board investigators raided the animal clinic on Tuesday.

They seized two more dogs and found enough evidence to start building a case against the vet with 40 years of experience.

A warrant was issued for Dr. Tierce’s arrest on an animal cruelty charge Wednesday.

Dr. Tierce turned himself in and was released on bail Wednesday night.

Dr. Tierce denies all accusations.