Greenfield man dies after skydiving accident in Franklin

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FRANKLIN, Ind. (May 18, 2014) — Tragedy in the skies over Johnson County.

A man died Sunday after making a hard landing while skydiving over the Franklin Flying Field in Franklin, Ind. The man has been identified as Donald Hauck, 50, Greenfield.

The sunshine made it a great day to do just about anything outside. At the Franklin Flying Field, it was where Hauck jumped out of a plane to experience the thrill of skydiving. Johnson County sheriff’s deputies spoke to witnesses who told them Hauck’s parachute did deploy. As he was 100 feet from the ground, he performed a maneuver, his parachute didn’t recover and he landed hard on the ground. Witnesses tried to save his life, but Hauck’s injuries were apparently too bad and he was pronounced dead.

“They always jump, weather permitting, Thursday through Sunday,” said George Reinacker, who lives next to the airfield.

Reinacker came home to see all of the sheriff’s deputies and medics who had responded. Reinacker says in the more than 10 years he’s lived there, he’s seen a couple of mishaps before, minor compared to this very sad accident.

“For as much as they jump, that’s a pretty good record really,” Reinacker said.

We did attempt to speak to the Hauck’s family, but they were too upset to talk.