Indy teens look to church sports program to spread positive message

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INDIANAPOLIS – Many people are talking about how to stop the violence in our city. Now, one group is stepping up and doing something about it.

They are young people on a mission. Tabernacle Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis provides the field, the food, water, and referees for middle school, high school and college football players to work on their skills and play tournament football during the summer.  It’s a very structured and tailored environment designed to build character, leadership, and academic success.

Coach Emiel Ekiyor says, “We don’t allow any cursing, vulgar language…we promote teamwork, discipline.  Certain things we don’t allow on the field and if you do you’re kicked out.”

Josh Posley plays for Ball State and has been playing on the church field since he was younger.

“A lot of these guys want to get better and play at the next level,” Posley said, “and this will help them stay out of trouble and get closer to their goals.”

The program was set to end this week but because of the overwhelming response, the church is hoping to keep it going.  They are hoping more people with donate and support the program so they can continue serving these young people.

Tabernacle Presbyterian Church is getting results, building character and turning out some of the best students, athletes, and young leaders in our community!