St. Vincent Women’s Hospital opens neonatal continuing care unit

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INDIANAPOLIS – It’s the final stop for little ones who have made their way through St. Vincent’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and are just weeks away from going home with their families.

“By putting them over here the family is in a quieter environment. They can focus on those last steps of education and bonding with their infant,” said NICU Manager, Tawana Blackwell.

The newly opened neonatal continuing care unit at St. Vincent’s Women’s Hospital offers 12 new beds for newborns continuing their fight to get strong. The intensive care unit is much larger and can be intense while nurses assure these little ones are getting all the care they need. The new space allows that cycle of top notch care to continue.

“That also opens up 12 additional beds in the intensive care area of the NICU where we can take those more critically ill infants and be able to focus on them over there yet have a space over here. That’s more calming for families and those babies that are getting ready to go home,” said Blackwell.

St. Vincent’s is Indiana’s largest level four neonatal intensive care unit.