IMPD officer goes out of his way to make sure children feel safe after SWAT situation

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By Eric Levy

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 31, 2014) -- After what children might see as a very scary situation, an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department SWAT officer took the time to make sure nearby children knew the police were there to protect them.

Jutta Allen sent us a video she captured on her cell phone that shows one of IMPD's SWAT officers making friends with her two-year-old and three-year-old grand kids. They were outside their home during a SWAT standoff across the street. It ended peacefully, and that officer went over, in full SWAT gear, to talk to the kids and give them glow sticks.

"They were actually afraid of the police prior to this, and he took the time to come over here," Allen said.

There was also this photo of other officers recently helping a homeless man do something we find to be very easy - putting on shoes. Those are the officers who are protecting us.

"It just speaks to the level of officers that we have. We have great officers in this department that are dedicated to serving the public," said Ofc. Rafael Diaz.

This story comes at a time when the IMPD is trying to improve its image.

An IMPD officer resigned this week following his second DUI arrest. There have been others recently who've faced similar problems. There's also some fall out from the David Bisard conviction back in November. With all of that being handled, there are many other officers - the majority of officers - who are doing a lot of good.


  • Heather

    This is so great to hear. My children do not like the police and i must say i have my doubts as well. This is nice to hear. Good for you officer!

    • That Guy

      I understand how you feel. I spent the most of my life back in NY in a city where most of the cops where crooked in one way or another. There where only a few that I knew I could trust. This should not be the case. But there’s no way to tell who’s the hidden racist, who’s the substance abuser or who’s the abuser of their power. No way. I’ve always lived my life as clean an narrow breaking the speed limit now and then but nothing ever so dangerous. As far as IMPD goes I’ve met a few be it the ones that live in my complex or bumping into them on the street or at a gas station and one accident I witnessed. It is a shame you have to treat them as suspect until you can feel them out. It’s a job that carries a huge stigma and a job that is underpaid and over stressed. That’s why beat cops are the best to have, ones that walk the street. You get to know them and then can see more than a patrol car can at time even hear more.

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