Truck driver springs into action to save woman, granddaughter after fiery crash

truck driver rescue

BILOXI, Miss. (Aug. 19, 2014) – A truck driver is credited with saving the lives of a grandmother and her 1-year-old granddaughter after their car burst into flames during a crash on a Mississippi interstate.

David Fredericksen was driving on I-10 near Biloxi, Miss., when he saw the crash, which involved a car and another semi. The car immediately erupted into smoke and flames, and Fredericksen sprang into action, grabbing a fire extinguisher and rushing toward the car.

Fredericksen and other witnesses were able to get the driver and her granddaughter to safety. The driver suffered a broken leg but was otherwise fine. Everyone survived the crash.

The dashcam on Fredericksen’s truck captured the rescue, and his son posted the video on YouTube. The time stamp on the video is incorrect; the crash happened on Monday, Aug. 11.

Source: FOX 13

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